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 Tuesday, August 3rd Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Tuesday, August 3rd Pokemon of the Day   Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:58 pm

Today the spotlight shines on a pokemon we've not yet seen in storymode, Hollauto. Smacking steel typing onto things, as I've mentioned with Grablade, is a great way to test out weaknesses versus resistances since as a pure type, Steel has more resistances than any other pure type. Just look at cute little Mawile. A pure steel type immediately gives it a whopping 11 resistances and an immunity. So where does Hollauto fit in? It's close. It has a resistance to Bug, Grass, Ice, Flying, Steel, Dragon, Psychic, and Rock. What happened to its Dark and Ghost resistances? No, it isn't a Psychic type otherwise it wouldn't have a bug resistance. It's the Ghost/Steel type. This guy immediately will be expected to compete with the likes of Metagross and Bronzong. There's just one thing about Bronzong. It doesn't have to compete with it.

Bronzong, unlike Metagross, is really geared more towards support and defensive play. Its 3rd Generation counterpart can more effectively play offensively. Hollauto has a nice advantage over both. It has two rare abilities, one being Technician (which ups a weak move's power by half) and the other being Motor Drive which gives it an extra immunity.

Stat wise this guy isn't that bad off. Barring speed, all of its stats are average to above average and its speed generally is just barely below average. Its defensive stats, without a doubt, are its best ones. It has a base HP equal to that of Jigglypuff's at a good 115. Its Physical Defense is JUST below Metagross at base 128. Its Special Defense is something to marvel at. It makes Metagross look like a Glass Cannon at base 110. Both of its offensive stats are also good with an Attack of base 105 and a suprising Special attack at base 115. Its speed is its only lackluster stat at a tolerable base 80.

This pokemon was made to wall. Heck, given Baton Passed Speed or Paralyzed enemies, it can most definately sweep. The best idea for its use is to Baton Pass speed to it then sweep to your heart's content.

Ability wise, Hollauto is simply blessed. It's got two great and rare abilities. Hollauto can already hit like a tank. Its movepool is filled with moves that have pretty low power as well. Technician makes for perfect use of its power. Up weaker moves by half then Forget Hitting like a Tank. You'll be hitting like the Hulk. The other ability, Motor Drive, is only available to one other pokemon, Electivire. Hollauto's low-ish speed could use a boost from time to time. The idea is to have a pokemon on your team, pump Shock Waves at it to give it a real speed boost so it can sweep. This also gives it a fairly good new immunity.

Hollauto's movepool is...it's great. The real advantage it has is access to Magnet Rise which would give it a great immunity to a type it'd otherwise be weak to, Ground. Using its Motor drive ability, have a fast electric type boost its speed then it'll use magnet rise and with that much needed immunity, it can sweep like there's no tomorrow.

Hollauto's typing is very much a blessing. It's got 3 good immunities (possibly 5), Bug, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Grass, Ice, Flying, and Dragon. Its only left with two weaknesses, one of which can be neutralized. The only credible type threat (if you can all it that) is Fire...We've already cleared up that fire is a god awful type to be, right? The best counters for this pokemon in the way of fire types happen to be Charizard, Infernape, Magmaraptor, and Torkindle. Charizard, Magmaraptor, and Infernape are simply too fast for a couple , speed boosts to help Hollauto and Torkindle can wall most things Hollauto throws its way.

All in all, Hollauto is an insanely good pokemon and battle wise is a very good choice for a standard battle team.
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Tuesday, August 3rd Pokemon of the Day
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