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 Tuesday, August 10th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Tuesday, August 10th Pokemon of the Day   Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:37 pm

Today the randomizer decided to land on Starter Bubburst so let's try it. First of all, I'd like to say that this is my second favorite starter if only for looks. Does this make it the best Starter? No, it's actually the worst. BUT this doesn't mean it's bad. The other two are just better. All three starters are just generally awesome. Bubburst is just inferior to the other two. Why? I'll bulk this whole thing out based on its ups, downs, and inferiority complex to teh other two starters.

Stat wise it's pretty good. It's got a MASSIVE HP stat and good Speed (Second best of the three, faster than Oaklavine yet slower than Magmaraptor). It's also got scary good special attack and decent physical attack. Base stat wise here you go. HP at a massive base 145 and Speed at a tolerable base 95. It's by no means slow. Special Attack gets a nice base 115 and Attack at an okay base 95 identical to its speed. This pokemon lacks in one department; Defense. While its special defense is okay at a base of 100, its physical defense is...let's all just remember one thing please. It's a bubble. It's physical defense is a poor base 65. Y-eah. Magmaraptor isn't defensive at all but its better than THAT. Oaklavine is a defensive behemoth.

Its has a standard Starter ability; Torrent which helps it greatly and compliments its stats thanks to all of the special water moves in its arsenal. This happens to be the one thing that helps it get an edge on Oaklavine but not so much Magmaraptor and you'll see why for his PD.

Movepool wise it's very fortunte. Just about 90% of its movepool compliments its stats. This doesn't necessarily outclass either of its co-starters but it's still a nice edge other plenty of pokemon such as Banette who have moves that are completely the opposite of their stats.

Type wise it's pretty blessed while at the same time pretty curse. It's got all of two weaknesses; Rock and Electric. The electric weakness can be easily walled thanks to behemoth HP and good special defense but if it's hit by a rock type attack it'll pop all too easy. This is where the Grass/Rock type Oaklavine reigns supreme over it. It can easily wall it then finish it with the likes of Stone Edge or Rock Slide.

Counters aren't so few in number. The best choices would probably be between Torterra and Oaklavine. So long as Torterra avoids Ice-Beam, it can be a beast against Bubburst and manage Stone Edge or Rock Slide to pummel it. Oaklavine doesn't have to watch for Ice-Beam as carefully but still has to watch it. Luxray is good for the job thanks to be an odd electric type with higher attack than anything else and access to Thunder Fang. Metagross, given Thunder Punch, can tear Bubburst apart as can Batricity-A2.

All in all, Bubburst is a plenty good pokemon that can spell doom for Special Offensive teams. But it's not got what it takes to break free of the limbo that is the Borderline tier...sorry Bub.
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Tuesday, August 10th Pokemon of the Day
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