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 Sunday, August 8th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Sunday, August 8th Pokemon of the Day   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:58 am

Today we have Tucanopy which is...oy. Barring Special Defense, all of its stats are just barely average. Its typing is just okay and its movepool is shallow. Not much can be said for it. I'll try to bulk it out as much as I can.

Stats is where this pokemon needs major help. Its special defense is good but it lacks the HP to back it up. Speed is average, Defense is BELOW average as are both offensive stats. It's just unfortunate.

Water/Flying typing isn't so much a blessing unless you're Gyrados who can manage to outspeed most of its weaknesses and has access to a great movepool. On Tucanopy, it's a hinderance. It can easily outspeed most Rock Types but its not powerful enough to scrape any less than a 2-Hit Knock Out even with a type advantage. Electric types (all of them, even slow little Ampharos can outspeed it) can DESTROY Tucanopy.

Movepool is...shallow. You can work with it a little but...I'd just stay away from this pokemon in general as far as battling goes. Its movepool might be good for other things like contest appeals but in battle just stay away from it.

Ability is...it could be better. Rainbow Chain allows multi-hit moves like Double Slap and Fury Swipes to hit up to 7 times instead of five. There is, of course, one problem. It only learns one multi-hit move , Fury Attack. Not exactly working for its awful offenses.

Countering it is...Heck, it's easy. Using an electric type will send it to its doom for sure. Uses a moderately speedy rock type like Onix or Tyranitar also works.
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Sunday, August 8th Pokemon of the Day
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