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 Pokemon of the Day August 4th-6th

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Day August 4th-6th   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:51 am

So since I missed out on three days of Daily Pokemon, here you are. The spotlight shines on three pokemon, only one of which very well known. The first of these pokemon is Eldock. Then there are two pokemon not yet even mentioned, Toxaber and Bluradical. I'll go in alphabetical order so Blurry first.

Bluradical is the Speed Pokemon so as you can guess, it's fast. In fact, its speed puts even the likes of Speed Form Deoxys to shame. That said, it's the fastest Pokemon alive. It's an Electric/Fight type to the fighting weakness to Flying is Neutralized leaving it with only weaknesses to Ground and Psychic. This pokemon would definately be an uber if more of us had it. Being the Speediest Pokemon around, you can already tell that it fits into the mold of a sweeper. With two wonderful Speed Based Abilities, Marvelous Attack and Good Special Attack, and a terrific movepool, this guy can definately compete with the likes of a legendary.

Stat wise, this pokemon is a beast. Base 300 speed makes him completely unmatched in that department and puts plenty of sweepers to shame. Base Attack of 150, it might as well be Legendary. Special Attack lies at a smaller base 120 but that's still good. The only lackluster stats it has are its defenses. Both stats stand at a very average base 90 which is...okay thanks to having a large HP stat of a rather nice base 145.

This pokemon has two ever so wonderful Speed Abilities. One is called Light Speed. This pokemon basically has the wonderful 100% chance of outspeeding a speed priority attack such as Extreme Speed and makes 2 turn moves go in one turn. The other ability (My personal favorite) is called Speeder which basically ups the power of Priority Strike Moves 1.5 times. For more powerful ones like Extreme Speed, this can be deadly.

Type coverage is terrific, not because of its type, but because of the enormous movepool. It stands with two weaknesses, Psychic and Ground. That said, the only one really threatening it is Ground since it doesn't have a ton of moves to cover them other than ice punch with in the Uber Tier, isn't going to cut it against the likes of Groudon. In the lower tiers Steelix is a considerable threat as well. It can easily sweep psychic types with a well placed Sucker-Punch or Shadow Ball depending on which defensive stats you're aiming at to take advantage of.

Credible threats to this pokemon are few, as previously mentioned. In the Uber Tier only Groudon and maybe Dialga can stand up to it much. In the lower tiers it's pretty much just Metagross and Steelix. Blissey would eat a Brick Break and Torkindle would eat a water pulse. Metagross can completely wall it, even take a Fire Punch. Steelix as well, even better than Metagross in fact. Thanks to that small Defensive set, Blurry would totally eat an Earthquake attack.

Next up is Eldock, the first Electric/Psychic Type. Eldock certainly isn't better than Alakazam. It's pretty even, in fact. It has a new Flying resistance and a ground weakness that can be taken care of with Magnet Rise. It shares that same wonderful speed and special attack with some tiny boosts. It now has a slightly better defensive stat making it a bit less fragile but not a major step forward.

The Major differences are to its Movepool and new ability. The movepool gets tons of new additions that it can play with rather effectively. The difference maker in battle is its ability, Temporal gives its offensive stats a boost depending on time of day. How is this portrayed in PvP? It has a move called Time Trick which makes it any random time of day as well as boost the power of Time Based moves and it allows the user to use multi-turned moves in one turn or stall the multi-turned moves of the opponent.

Good counters honestly are the same. There isn't a ground type that can outspeed it before it sets up Magnet Rise. So the only good counters lie on the good counters for Alakazam.

Toxaber is the last of the three. It's a fun pokemon with a fun Psychic/Poison type with an ever so lovely set-up. It's very fortunate. Its stats are good, it's movepool is okay, and its Ability, oh god, it's awesome.

The Poison Psychic type is fun to play with. It leaves it with natural weakness to Ghost, Dark, and Ground.

Stats give this pokemon a real edge, placing all of its besst attributes to speed and attack. It has a base speed at a common 115 and base attack of 125. It's got okay defenses at base 90 a piece. (For a non uber that's somewhat good)

The ability is what makes this pokemon oh so very wonderful. It takes its type match ups down a stage (barring steel which gets brought up one). This way anything that's super effective becomes neutral damage, Neutral becomes resistant, resistant becomes double resistant. All when the moonlight weather effect is in play. This does come at a price, however. Steel type moves become super effective. Why? Well it's the werewolf pokemon and silver is a werewolf's weakness and steel type so...yeah.

It really only has a few noteworthy counters. Metagross, Steelix, and Bronzor are the major ones. They're all steel types so they easily wall it. Metagross can use Flash Cannon and Meteor Mash effectively. Bronzor has Gyro Ball going for it and Steelix has Iron Tail.

This guy has so much going for it that it can be an absolute beast in UU and pretty effective in OU (Standard).
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Pokemon of the Day August 4th-6th
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