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 Monday, August 9th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Monday, August 9th Pokemon of the Day   Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:11 pm

Okay, today the spotlight goes to Hardyena, oh joy. Hardyena, I'm not going to lie, isn't perfect. It's okay. It's leaps and bounds better than mightyena but nothing to take too seriously. Hardyena's main boosts from its previous evolution came in the form of movepool. Stat wise it got a decent boost but the movepool was the difference maker.

Stat wise, it's pretty well off. Mightyena already had good attack and tolerable speed. The boost went to attack, making it basically a great sweeper and a glass cannon.

Its movepool saw a couple of good enhancements in the form of moves mightyena was craving, such as Earthquake. Earthquake is the perfect more to sweep with using this guy in combination with Ariel Ace, to take care of weaknesses and Ice Fang to take any dragons (Flygon and Salamence) that try to evade Earthquake.

Type coverage. Ariel Ace and Earthquake give it terrific coverage as do the three elemental fang attacks. But as for its own typing, don't expect to cover much with Dark alone.

All in all, its counters remain the same as for Mightyena so yeah. Pretty good pokemon with some decent boosts but not overly wonderful. A useful threat in UU if anything.
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Monday, August 9th Pokemon of the Day
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