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 Saturday, August 7th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Saturday, August 7th Pokemon of the Day   Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:57 pm

Todays PD is none other than the beasial Ice/Steel type Armofrost. You'd think just by seeing the typing that it's pretty easy to crush as long as you use fighting type moves and fire type moves. Nope. Not only are this guys two highest stats its Physical and Special Defense, it has good HP and a KILLER ability. Super Armor makes sure this pokemon only takes a Quarter of the damage from super effective hits. This simply makes this guy a beast. Type match ups, otherwise are good. Its coverage is pretty amazing. It can annihilate just about any dragon and it a beast in general.

Stat wise, og god, it's lovely. Base Physical Defense of a wonderful 190, making it the fifth best defensive pokemon in the game (Topped only by Steelix, Regirock, Shuckle, and Torkindle). It's Special Defense is also a very healthy base 150. Offensively, oh god. Move over Metagross. That wonderful Base 135 of yours has some more competition. Special attack isn't bad either at base 115.

Ability is awesome. Treats the two 4x weaknesses as normal damage and 2x weaknesses as 2x resistance. This basically makes this pokemon immune to taking ega damage from ANY pokemon (barring those who actually use Mold Breaker or Gastro Acid)

All in all, Armofrost is a beast. There really aren't ANY counters for it except maybe the Bliss-Kindle combo that can perfectly wall it. But for dealing it damage...good luck.
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Saturday, August 7th Pokemon of the Day
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