Pokemon SS
HEY! DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT DO NOT DISPLAY AGAIN BUTTON! Check out the 4 new regions of Shuinn, Vallure, Relgam, and Batrio! Hundreds of new pokemon so stop on by!

Pokemon SS

This is pokemon OUR way.
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BEWARE! Mechanics Have Been Updated! READ THEM!
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Public Categories

Shining Sun Rivals

 The Rivals Introduced in Pokemon Shining Sun!
Serene Sea Gym Leaders

 The Thus Far Confirmed Gym Leaders of the Region.
Shuinn Pokedex

 The Complete List of Pokemon and their Dex Entries for pokemon we've Encountered even captured.
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Shining Sun Gym Leaders and E4 Trainers

 The Pokemon League Official Elite 4 and the Official Gym Leaders of the Shuinn Region.
Serene Sea Rivals

 Same Drill as Before
Serene Sea Story Characters

 Characters that ar crucial to the Serene Sea Plot. (NOT RIVALS)
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