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Shining Sun Rivals

"Brawler" Sonya is one tough cookie.  She's a Fight Type enthusiast with a real drive to win.  All of her pokemon are fighting type and powerful.  Originally, her Maternimatch had a crush on Shay's Lucario who didn't feel the same way.  But after it evolved, the tables turned.  Sonya's team consists of Chamatern, Machamp, Hitmonlee, Auriorage, and Medicham of those known.
A mysterious trainer who only uses water pokemon.  But she doesn't speak.  She seems capable of understanding the cries of pokemon and comminicating with water types.  Her entire team consists of Slowbro, Starmie, Vaporeon, Politoed, Slowking, and apparently a Milotic but she has been seen with a Gyrados once before.
Water Girl
These two are not to be taken lightly EVER.  Wilana is a powerful Coordinator who finally got her shining moment and won the Shuinn Grand Festival after repeatedly losing to Lilandra in the past.  Vance nearly made it to the Pokemon league but was eventually beaten.  Wilana's team consists of a number of pokemon.  She's got an Espeon, Hitmontop, Dragonite, Pachirisu, Electrode, Corphish, and several others that she uses in Dazzling Appeals and shows.  Vance's only known Battle Ready Pokemon seem to be Umbreon and Sceptile, both of which lost to Kali's Forretress and Bubburst.
Wilana and Vance
Psiana is a "Psychic" trainer who ventured all the way from Hoenn with her trusted Psychic Beldum.  She's intelliegent and calculating but also a bit of a show off.  Her team is rather well built around Psychic types such as Metagross, Alakazam, Gallade, Medicham, and while not a Psychic type, Politoed does have a powerful Psychic Attack and Hypnosis.
This young woman has already competed twice in previos Pokemon League Tournaments.  But she hasn't won one yet.  She made Top 8 both times.  After a journey through Shuinn, she climbed up and Won the Pokemon League with a powerful team consisting of Charizard, Bubburst, Forretress, and others, including the strange new pokemon Batricity-V9.  In an epic battle between Charizard and Brandon's  Magmaraptor, Kali just barely came out on top as the winner.
A spontaneous go-getter, this girl never seems to have a plan.  She just drifts, racking up Contest Ribbons and Breeder Trophies.  She may not look it but she's got pretty good battle skills.  She also seems fond of using Ninja tactics in a majority of the things she does.  Nina is a strong believer that one should stay true to their path, belieing that a coordinator should treat contests like one rather than regular battles.  Her team is centered around Poison Types such as Drapion, Crobat, Koffing, Venomoth, Koffing, and Vileplume.
Matthew is purposely a jerk.  But he's a powerful one whose specialty lies in Bird Pokemon.  He's arch rivals with Brandon, havingtied with him on numerous occasions.  He finally lost to Brandon during the pokemon league.  His team consists of Skiron, Honchkrow, Dodrio, Aerodactyle, Predihawk, and Staraptor.  Staraptor was the pokemon Magmaraptor battled and barely beat in the end to win.
Kitana, a bit young for certain, but she's a good coordinator.  Her cute looks aren't anything to underestimate her for.  She holds some major powerhouses such as Metagross, Bronzong, and Snorlax, not to mention Beauties like Butterfree and Beautifly.
Alex recently started her fantastic adventures.  But make no mistake, she's tough.  She's been through the Johto League, where she scraped out a top 16 spot.  Now she's been proven a tough opponent who nearly defeated Brandon in their ll out match, in which she used Bancea, Frosslass, and Chikorita.
Lilandra, has long been rivals with Wilana.  Having beaten her repeatedly in the past, their friendly rivalry has more than one time resulted in fighting but they are still friends in the end.  Lilandra's pokemon are all insanely powerful and well kept.  In the Grandfestival, she uses Pyrosus and Flygon which eventually lose via points, finally getting Wilana a win.
Alice is a polite young trainer with much to learn.  That said, she is not to be taken lightly.  Her Pyrumise is a powerful pokemon.  Alice was quickly beaten by Alex during the pokemon league.
Jubilee is a tough Trainer to beat.  Her hyperactive nature and inability to hold still for any amout of time make her that much more of a problem.  But she cares deeply for her pokemon.  He first pokemon, a Minisol having finally evolved into Ordin, is her main powerhouse.  She also has a baby Mawile that's taken a liking to Shay for saving her life.  Jubiliee's other pokemon was briefly seen.  It was a Glalie which Magmaraptor easily beat.
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