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Shuinn Pokedex

Pokemon #167
T-Lectric: The Tyranosaur Pokemon
Type: Electic/Dragon
Ability: LightningStorm
Entry: This pokemon can conjure up lightning storms in a matter of seconds. It uses its tail as a lightning rod to give it even more power to add onto the already massive amout that it contains.
Volocity: Velociraptor Pokemon
Type: Electric/Dragon
Ability: Static
Entry: This pokemon has outgrown its shell and many of its old handcaps. Its speed, for example, has gone from abysmal to explosive.
Hatricity: Hatchling Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Entry: This newborn pokemon stays in its shell for some time after it is born. This seems to be because the shell helps it to regulate its electrical powers.
Pokemon #160
Repticoal: The Warm Blooded Pokemon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Guts/FlameBody
Entry: Its size no longer allows it to cling to trees. Instead, it surrounds itself with boulders in cavesand sleeps for most of the day. If attacked, it gets up breathes 2,000 degree flames into the air as a warning.
Gekkoal: The Gekko Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Guts/FlameBody
Entry: It clings to trees or cave wall using the tiny hooks on its feet. If it sees a predator approaching, it will set the wall on fire to ward them off.
Draconisaur: The Ancient Pokemon
Type: Rock/Dragon
Ability: SandVeil/Reckless
Entry: This Pokemon was thought to be mythological until recently. Its stone wings and scales have earned it the nickname of "The Stone Dragon".
Pokemon #156
Pokemon #155
Pokemon #154
Pokemon #153
Pokemon #147
Chilly: The Snowman Pokemon
Type: Ice
Ability: Decompose
Entry: It is said that this pokemon came from two kids' love a snowman they'd built. It apparently came to life. Others believed it to simply become possesed.
Dolphissure: The Tsunami Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: SuperLuck/Hydration
Entry: This pokemon is playful but dangerous. It still doesn't know its true power despite its size. Trainers are cautioned to be careful raising this pokemon.
Landolfin: The Mammal Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: SuperLuck/SwiftSwim
Entry: It feeds on small fish. Some take them in and train them to put on shows for audiences.
Mudolph: The Performing Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: SuperLuck/SwiftSwim
Entry: It playfully follows swimmers ashore and performs tricks for them as a show. They cannot breathe underwater so they must get their blow holes to the surface occasionally to get air.
Pokemon #142
Pokemon #141
Heirant: The Heiress Pokemon
Type: Bug/Psychic
Ability: Synchronize
Entry: It has grown small wings but cannot use them to fly just yet. Instead, it uses its psychic abilities to give it liftoff. It long awaits the day it gets to be the next colony ruler.
Larvant: The Small Ant Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: HugePower
Entry: It works in the colony, finding food. If endangered it can communicate with others by using its antennae and call for help.
Pokemon #136
Pokemon #135
Xuant: The Ice Fighter Pokemon
Type: Fight/Ice
Ability: SiblingRivalry
Entry: It is the ice advocate in fighting spirit. It long feuds with Huoant over the proper way to fight.
Huoant: The Flame Fighter Pokemon
Type: Fight/Fire
Ability: SiblingRivalry
Entry: It seems to believe that fire is the only way to battle. It can be seen bickering with Xuant apparently over which fighting style is more effective.
Pokemon #130
Pokemon #129
Pokemon #128
Torkindle: The Ignite Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Dormant
Entry: Inside of its shell, it melts rocks, these rocks become magma in seconds. If endangered, it spouts the red hot magma to distract or injure its enemy.
Bluradical: The Speed Demon Pokemon
Type: Electric/Fight
Ability: SpeedBoost/Lightspeed
Entry: This pokemon is the documented fastest alive. It can run far faster than the speed of sound and nearly the speed of light itself. Many believe this to be the combination of quick movements and the wheels on its feet.
Totemyth: The TotemPoll Pokemon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Multiface
Entry: It can sense its trainers emotions. Often times it will change its main face to match how its trainer feels.
Illutotem: The EasterIsland Pokemon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Adaptability
Entry: Despite being incredibly heavy, this pokemon can actually levitate. It float around using its highly developed psionic powers.
Illustone: The Stone Faced Pokemon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Adaptability
Entry: It mysteriously float around evolutionary stones as if it sees something in them that no one else can. It seems capable of understanding human speech as well.
Armetreo: The Armageddon Pokemon
Type: Rock/Fire
Ability: Flamebody/OverBurner
Entry: This pokemon's rock hard body is surrounded by flames hotter that 2,000 degrees F. It float above the ground due to some form of magnetic field it seems capable of generating.
Flareor: The Small Meteor Pokemon
Type: Rock/Fire
Ability: FlameBody/OverBurner
Entry: It apparently fell from space. The tiny flame on its head is actually incredibly hot. Touching it would be most unwise.
Skiron: The Arial Assault Pokemon
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: KeenEye/Sniper
Entry: It dives down from above to snatch up its prey with its sharp talons. No matter how high up, it can see its prey below.
Jawreckor: The Sinker Pokemon
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Frenzy
Entry: It is a massive pokemon that can destroy a boat easily. Most who are unfortunate enough to meet this pokemon out at sea are not lucky enough to get away alive.
Chamatern: The Independant Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Deciever
Entry: It is among one of the most competative documented pokemon. It perfers to battle the likes of Machamp and Hitmonchan.
Maternimatch: The Female Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Deciever
Entry: It is looked down upon by most male enthusiast trainers but it can hold its own against some of the best fighters such as Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.
Auriorage: The Chosen Pokemon
Type: Fight/Steel
Ability: FightingSpirit/InnerFocus
Entry: It stands alone on mountains, focusing, trying to train its aura guiding powers. If disturbed it does nothing, not even flinch.
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