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Pokemon SS :: Gallery :: Shining Sun Gym Leaders and E4 Trainers

Shining Sun Gym Leaders and E4 Trainers

The toughest of the Elite 4, Blandy is anything but bland indeed.  He uses normal types but a battle style that makes you think he were Walace.  The only Pokemon of his seen has been has been his Togekiss with which he shares a very close bond.
oddly enough, tammy is the youngest of the Elite 4 despite her older looks.  She's a bit reserved but she's a powerful Psychic type trainer whose team consists of several pokemon, the only two of which seen were Gardevoir and Alakazam
The second member and Steel Specialist of the Elite 4.  His battle skills are obviously high but his actual strategy is unknwo.  His only known pokemon is Empoleon.
Lilian is the First Member of the Elite 4.  She specializes is Grass type pokemon.  Of her pokemon, the only two known are Bellossom and Grablade.
Professor Kimba is the well kept secret of the Region.  Very few knew that she was the Elite 4 Champion.  Her known pokemon are simply none.  The only pokemon of hers hinted was Oaklavine, based on a silhuoette behind her as she watched Brandon Battle from a dark room.
Prof Kimba
Isis is the final Shuinn Gym leader and an Ice type trainer.  She's Vaporina's older sister and seems to know more than she lets on about Shuinn Lore.  Her powerful team consists of such Powerhouses as Armofrost and Xuant.
The Seventh Gym Leader and a Water Trainer, Vaporina is a powerful Trainer whose battle tactics are nothing to underestimate.  She used Gyrados in her Battle with Brandon then let out a Sharpedo and Tentacruel that both evolved into Jawreckor and Tentakraken the instant they hit the field.  Both of which were eventually beaten by Nutrinurse, despite the massive size difference.
The youngest of the three ghost sisters, a cultural buff.  Plasmia is the tougher of the three.  She, more than her sisters, understands the bonds between people and pokemon.  Her Rotom caused little Problem but Mismagius was nearly able to defeat Brandon.
Morticia is the eldest of the three Ghost sisters.  By far the most book smart, Morticia excels at strategy.  Her Banette is her pokemon of choice and it put up a good fight before eventually falling to Brandon's Flarecrow.
The Middle Ghost Sister, Mischieva uses a powerful Misdreavous which, despite being very well raised, lost quickly to Brandon.
Gym Leader #5
Aero is the Flying Gym leader and a well balanced trainer.  In his battle with Brandon, he used a Choppy and a Fowlixk, both of which were rather easily defeated.
Darkiah was Brandon's opponent as opposes to Brute.  Darkiah was a powerful combatant who, during her time with Brandon, seemed develope a crush on him.  She used her own Umbreon and her Brother's Hardyena as well as her own Honchkrow.
Gym Leader #4, The Dark Gym
Brute is a well read archaeologist.  He studies the Plator ruins on his own time.  But he's a skilled Gym Leader.  He uses many dark type pokemon such as Hardyena, Crawdaunt, and Umbreon.  He had been on an errand when the group arrived so Brandon had to Battle his baby sister, Darkiah.
Gym Leader #3, The Electric Gym
Eli is a shy girl but a brilliant strategist when it comes to pokemon battles.  She runs the Safari Zone in Blanch City as well.  She has some tough pokemon, including Batricity-A3, Ambipom, and Raichu
Gym Leader #2, The Poison Gym.
Toxica is a well known and wealthy figure who would rather a quiet life.  But thanks to her family's fame and fortune, it seems impossible.  That said, her frustration is well expressed in her battle.  She uses Poison Type pokemon such as Wispy and Toxicub.
Gym Leader #1, The Bug Gym Leader.  Clancy's pokemon originally were a Stagly and Arbeetle.  However, in the midst of a gym battle with Brandon, Arbeetle evolved.  Later, Stagly and Beetelord were bested by a clever strategy.
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