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 Friday, July 30th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Friday, July 30th Pokemon of the Day   Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:18 pm

The Randomizer decides which one I do. Oh goody, a Pokemon we haven't actually seen but there's been a rumor. Yes, I gave Torkoal an Evolution. No I am not leaking its pokedex entry, name, or anything other than a brief overview.

Torkoal's Evolution is one that most people will probably want to smack me for making. That said, this pokemon is the Physical Defensive Counterpart to Blissey. It's got great Physical Defense and a GOLIATH health field. That said, it can take plenty of physical damage and a decent amount of Special Damage thanks to already ok Sp. Defense. This Pokemon is just about the most perfect Physical Wall you can get. So why would you hate me for making it? Easy., it's a fire type. We're all clear that Fire isn't exactly the best type in the word. Fire alone pulls in Ground, Water, and Rock Weaknesses. Water, being the one you'll want most to avoid thanks to a generally average Sp. Defense and the Water Types' general movepool being flooded with Special Moves.

This alone doesn't make it a bad pokemon though. Its best addition wasn't JUST in its defense. It got a decent speed boost. Whilst still abysmal, its speed is enough to outrun some threats.

The main threats to this pokemon are basically any water type other than Gyrados and Freligatr and of course the ever popular Sand Streamer Tyranitar. Why? Again easy, Tyranitar may be a physical pokemon but it's a monstrous one who, with a type advantage and Sandtream is brutal enough. Torkoal's evo also Eats a Stealth Rock which...yeah...Thanks to the 2x weakness the rock, that's already a Fourth of its Monstrous health gone...Tyranitar can easily wall all of its attacks while at the same time slamming it to nothing with Earthquake.

So should you hate this pokemon? Definately not. Like I said, it's a Physical Blissey. Tyranitar aside, no other physical pokemon can quite honestly scratch it. Leaps and bounds ahead of Torkoal it is. Its main roll is most definately between Physical Wall and Sweeper and if we had tiers it would more than likely linger in the OU (Overused/Standard) Environment. Say YAY for a finally AWESOME fire type!
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Friday, July 30th Pokemon of the Day
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