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 Friday, August 13th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Friday, August 13th Pokemon of the Day   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:07 pm

In honor of this spooky day, I've picked a spooky pokemon without the randomizer. Duscythe is the first ghost the group ran into. They didn't know what it was at first and assumed it to be a real ghost and ran. That said, Duscythe is leaps and bounds better than its previous two evolutions if only for one reason. It's ability is DIVINE.

Stat wise, it's veeeery different. Offensively it's far from hopeless with Base 123 Attack and base 110 Special Attack. Defensively it's dropped a bit from Dusclops in the physical defensive area with a base of 100 but special defense hs jumped to base 180. With a base HP of 135, tying with Munchlax. Speed has seen an improvement for the ages at base 105. It's an effective Special Wall and Physical or even Special sweeper.

Movepool is um...you're going to hate me for this. It's level up movepool is tiny...I mean really tiny...only 5 moves, in fact. BUT the moves are wonderful. Ripper has a high critical hit ratio for STAB. Guillotine is...it's Guillotine. OH-KO moves are fun. Destiny Bond, also technically an OH-KO move and a useful Revenge Kill. Will-o-wisp is usefull for survivability and Doom Bringer...the Ultimate OH-KO move. It's just incredible. Having absolutely unavoidable accuracy. BUT there's a catch. It can only be used once per battle. But it's got a fairly large Teachables movepool.

Ability wise, it's wonderful. Reaper is one of the best abilities in the game. Not necessarily reliable but useful. All critical hits become OH-KO moves. This makes things much more complicated since an egg move gives it access to Night Slash. Add Ripper and you're sure to have at least one OH-KO in a Six Pokemon Battle

Counters? Well...the only counters good enough would be Skarmory who, with Sturdy, blocks OH-KO's AND has the power to take it down. Otside of that? Nothing really.

So where does it fair? It's definately an Uber...DEFINATELY. It may be an uber because of a cheap set up but it is an uber. Just like Wobbufette. Watch it around this pokemon.
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Friday, August 13th Pokemon of the Day
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