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 Serene Sea Pokemon of the Week 1/2/10

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PostSubject: Serene Sea Pokemon of the Week 1/2/10   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:47 pm

Cyclide, the Motorbike Pokemon. It rides around on roads alone at night. If it sees another fast pokemon, it will stop at nothing to defeat it in a race. It has a standing rivalry with Speed Pokemon, BLURADICAL, a pokemon it has never been able to defeat.


Cyclide's a pretty decent pokemon. It's as defensive as a Block of wood but it's a pretty able pokemon offensively. It's Type, being pure Steel, is veeery handy, considering its average and below average defenses. Its physical attack is ridiculous and its speed is better. It's tied with Weavile and Swellow whilst below some others such as Crobat, Aerodactyle, and Jolteon. Its stats and type make it a well off Physical Sweeper. Tier wise, eh, lower OU.


Speed Boost: Its only Ability option, it isn't a bad ability but considering that it already outspeeds more than 70% of pokemon, it isn't really needed. It's handy for getting the drop on the likes of Deoxys' Speed form.

Move Set

Go Speed Sweeper, GO!

- Iron Head/Zen Headbutt
- Earthquake
- Aqua Jet
- Captivate
Item Attached: Choice Band

This set is pretty straight forward. It's also the only one that, if this were an actual game, you'd be likely to see. Cyclide isn't going to last, at all, against Special Attacks. That's why Captivate is there. Iron Head is a physical Steel Move for STAB. Zen Headbutt is there as an alternative. Less power, same effect, and Super Effective hits over Fight types. Aqua Jet rumbles with Ground types and Earthquake is just one of the most powerful moves in the game. On the side, it gets Electric, Rock, and Steel type coverage (Barring non-roost Aerodactyle, Zapdos, and Skarmory)

Countering Cyclide
Cyclide is pretty easy to counter. The best pokemon for it are those who don't bow down to its large movepool. Skarmory and Skiron aren't going to take much damage out of anything Cyclide dishes out. Replinurse is the Queen of walls. She won't take much damage from anything and makes Shuckle look fragile. To a straightforward attacker like Cyclide, Replinurse is perfect. Tyranitar isn't fully recommended because of Iron Head and Earthquake but its own Earthquake is enough to 1-Up it.

Game Appearences
Cyclide has several upcoming appearences in SS. First, a bike gang attacks, all but one member of which have a Cyclide. Then there is a location where several wild ones roam. One boy has a Cyclide with Iron Head and offers to teach it to one of your pokemon. After that, appearences are scattered.
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Serene Sea Pokemon of the Week 1/2/10
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