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 Pokemon of the Week 1/9/10

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week 1/9/10   Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:54 pm

Ah the good old days. Dodrio, Dugtrio, Magneton. Trio pokemon were always fun to me and I just brought 'em back! 3-Dee, the Triplet Pokemon. Each of the individual 3-Dee in this particular pokemon has its own mind and personality but is mentally linked to the others. They are rarely seen apart from one another.

This is bound to be a popularly seen pokemon. 3-Dee is like a god, to be honest. Okay, I'm over hyping but it's a pretty good pokemon. For one thing, holy crums. 200 base HP. That is SCARY putting it into the upper HP tier with the likes of the Chansey Family (Barring Grudgey). It is a very capable Special wall but, like Blissey, has paper thin defenses. This pokemon gets the best AND worst of both worlds. Like Blissey, it has HUGE HP and okay to good special defense and like Grudgey it has ridiculous attack (Base 120). But like BOTH of them, it has as much Defense as a stick. Nonetheless, 3-Dee can still take hits thanks to all that HP, maybe 2H-KO out of physical attacks from average to weak physical attackers. But it will NOT last against heavyweights i.e Tyranitar, Scizor, Aggron, Metagross, Snorlax, Armofrost and so on. I'd say lower OU/Standard tier is where this guy fits.


Triplet: Triplet is honestly the way to go. At least, it's preferable over its over ability. It makes any attack dealing with the number 3 do double the damage. While this mainly only applies to a couple of moves, it's devastating if you know what you're doing.

Sibling Rivalry: The less preferable. While potentially scary to the opponent, it can also be scary to you. If another pokemon with the ability is on the field, the weakest stat is maximized and the lowest state is boosted two stages.


You got 3-Dee's on your Report Card?!
- Triple Kick
- Tri Attack
- Double Team/Administration/Will-o-wisp
- Refresher
Item Attached: Life Orb/Choice Scarf
Ability Choice: Triplet/Sibling Rivalry

This set alone makes ME want to cringe. First of all, the way you'll want to go generally is with the Triplet ability and a Life Orb. This makes Triple Kick so scary it's not funny. Even at 5 stamina (3-Dee is in the upper Stamina tier btw), it'll scrape out a lot of your opponent's HP with added Life Orb support. Tri-Attack is for mowing down Physical Walls, i.e Cloyster among others, all of which would put up a fight against Triple Kick even though most have 2x and 4x weaknesses to it. Depending on how you plan to avoid being mowed down by physical strikers, Double Team is effective for making sure they miss if used repeatedly. Administration is like Iron Defense but more broadly used. Will-o-wisp cuts the attack of anyone thinking of it in half. Refresher was a handy HP restoration move from last generation and here it's used for Life Orb coverage and is good alltogether. If you're running Sibling Rivalry as an ability, odds are, you're only trying to mow down another 3-Dee since Huogeddant and Blixuant aren't real threats to 3-Dee. But to avoid being taken first, employ the Choice Scarf and Triple Kick it to take it down quick and easy.

Countering 3-Dee

As ridiculously easy as this is, you'll want to avoid any traps. Two pokemon noteworthy of this are 3-Dee itself running Triple Kick and a Choice Scarf and Armofrost, last generations equal to Tyranitar. Though Armofrost, being an Ice/Steel type, has a 4x weakness to Triple Kick, its ability protects it so it's worth it.

In-Game Appearences
There is only one core appearence.
The Normal Type Gym Leader has one.
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Pokemon of the Week 1/9/10
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