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 Thursday, August 12th Pokemon of the Week

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PostSubject: Thursday, August 12th Pokemon of the Week   Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:08 pm

Today the spotlight sines on none other than Pyrumise. Pyrumise is definately a step up and a step down for bug type. 4x weakness to Rock is something that the bug type isn't shy to thanks to the ever common Bug/Flying type. Let's see how this pokemon differs.

Type is where this pokemon is blessed and cursed. Bug/Fire is absolutely wonderful an unique to this pokemon alone. From this typing, Bug sheds its fire weakness while fire sheds a ground weakness. This leaves Pyrumise with three weaknesses, one to Water, one to Flying, and a 4x Rock Weakness which isn't bad or good. The main reason it's slanting toward the negative sides is because of Stealth Rock. It absolutely eats a stealth rock.

Stat wise? Well, it's not terrific but it's not bad. Its HP isn't much higher than it's original 75 base power. It raised to 85 thanks to its evolution. Offensively it's about the same. Base 47 attack is the same as before. Here's the catch. It's special attack is a monster 116...that's the same as Yanmega. Defensively it's okay with base 85 a piece and has a base speed of an okay base 93.

Ability wise it has some useful toys...well A useful one. Flashfire gives it a fire immunity and boosts its own fire type ATTACKS. Meaning not moves in general like Rekindle.

Type coverage? Not only does it have 2 counts against grass types, it can also take on bug types, dark, Psychic, Ice, and Steel types (which Bug types generally struggle against)

Countering it? Easy. Use a rock type...just watch out because it has the possibility of knowing Water Pulse. The best way to counter it is to throw up Stealth Rock and Sandstorm with Tyranitar who may suffer a type disadvantage but Pyrumise can't hit hard enough to get less than a two or three hit KO out of it.

So where does it fit? Pyrumise is built to be an annoyer really. Its fragile yets mildly powerful. It's better at annoying though, with a handful of annoying moves in its movepool including all three of the top annoyers; Toxic, Will-o-wisp, and Thunder Wave. It doesn't quite make it to teh standard tier but it can be a very effective UU.
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Thursday, August 12th Pokemon of the Week
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