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 Wednesday, August 11th Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Wednesday, August 11th Pokemon of the Day   Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:00 am

In honor of Shay's Capture of Willoweed, today's Pokemon of the Day shall be its menacing Evo Tombark. First of all I'd like to say right off the Back that Tombark is not perfect. Stat wise it's good. Movepool? Good. Abilitiy? Not so much. Type? Okay but not terrific in fact can be a doom spell. But this doesn't make it a bad pokemon. I'll try to bult this out in little time.

Stats? Nice barring its speed which is a small base 75. There are slower but still. Could be slower seeing as...it's a tree...a dead tree. It has a small-ish HP stat Base 70. BUT it has monster defenses at tasty base 150 a piece. Attack wise don't focus much on special. Aim for physical. Physical Offense Base of a very appealing 130 and Special of a not bad base 100.

Movepool is pretty solid. It has a larger special movepool than physical one but its Physical one is still rather nice with access to powerful attacks lime Wood Hammer and Earthquake.

Ability is one of those places you'd hate me for. After drawing it I just had to give it this ability. It's levitate. Yes it already would have had a Ground Resistance but it just looks like it should have levitate. Sorry.

Type is where this guy is let down. Grass is spares its bug and poison weaknesses...that's it. Ghost and Dark are still weaknesses as well as Fire, Ice, and Flying. So what's an upside? It also has good coverage. Being strong to Ghost and Psychic on the Ghost end as well as Ground, Rock, and Water on the Grass en, added the two immunities and the movepool that gels almost perfectly with its stats, you have an offensive beast.

Tombark was built in the mold of a wall. It can do this very effectively, in fact, with moves such as calm mind to make it even better at its job. Its ability to be an annoyer is also rather wonderful. If anything, use this pokemon as a physical wall (not special because most of its weaknesses are strong employers of special attacks)

Counters? Gengar. Gengar is just the best possible counter for it if your aiming to take it down real quick. Otherwise? Metagross equipped with sludgebomb could wall it (watch for Earthquake) and pummel it with Sludge Bomb.
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Wednesday, August 11th Pokemon of the Day
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