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 Monday, August 2nd

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PostSubject: Monday, August 2nd   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:19 pm

The Pokemon of the Day Today happens to be the Tornado Pokemon, Cyclocane. This New Generation brought relatively worthless pokemon tons to look forward to. Mostly in the form of evolutions and splits. Castform was one of many. In the third and fourth Generations, Castform was rather forgettable. This generation brought it a brand new evolution that really packs a punch. So let's breack this down.

Let's first discuss its stats. Huge Sp. Attack stats and deadly high speed stats, pretty good special defense, pretty good health, and average everywhere else. One look at its stats and one thing comes to mind, Special Sweeper. But that isn't all.

Movepool? For a Normal/Flying type, this pokemon has among the most diverse movepools in the game. It can even fill a support role if you want it to but its true potential lies in being a special sweeper.

Ability? One of the most incredible abilities in the game. Suction is really worth it. This pokemon absorbs moves of the Fire, Ice, Water, Electric, Rock, and Poison type then becomes the type of the move that was used. This has a trick to it though. It changes on the very turn its hit so it only takes neutral or little damage from the attack (excluding rock transformation). This changing its type to Ex: Electric/Flying or Poison/Flying. This ability also works with Weather Effects (even Sandstorm despite its rock typing)

Weaknesses? Well to be totally honest its only Weakness is to Rock types but you could argue that anything that can manage to hit it at all is a weakness.

Fighting it? You'll find that most water types do a very bad job of this. As do most ghost types and ice types. Steel types, Rock types, and Wall Normal types such as Snorlax, however, work rather well as they can all take advantage of its ability and pull off hitting it. Lucario works specifically well as long as you avoid Flamethrower. It can deliver a Poison Jab attack first then use Psychic to finish it off easily.

There isn't a single countering option, however, that doesn't come with high risks. Steel types that do well with countering it risk being battered by Flamethrower. Bulky water types risk Thunderbolt. Poison types are generally inferior and Psychic types risk Shadow Ball as to Ghosts who aren't good counters as it is. Rock types risk...well they rish ALOT. Solarbeam and Water Pulse being the most common.

As you can see, Cyclocane is a force to be reckoned with and is a powerful pokemon in anyone's hands. Just make sure to take advantage of its speed and ability and you'll be fine.
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Monday, August 2nd
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