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 Sunday, August 1st Pokemon of the Day

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PostSubject: Sunday, August 1st Pokemon of the Day   Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:48 am

Spotlight Shines on the ever Mischievous Corrupunk today.

Despite a Cool Movepool, Good Offensive Type, and Looks pretty cool, the pokemon, itself, isn't very good. It suffers from being an 5th Generation UU answer to Weavile...but far worse off. Like I said, Good movepool, good design, good type, but then it's Stats, oh god it's stats. Good attack and speed but Physical Defense that makes Blissey look like a Fortress. And even the attack could be better. Could be way better in fact. Its Special Defense is tolerable but dear sweet god it's still insanely fragile. Tons of pokemon can totally take advantage of it and putting Corrupunk against anything slower with Trick Room is going to be murder. Away from the negative for a bit and to the positive (and there is little)

Corrupunk has pretty good speed. It's up there with a couple Electric types for sure. This speed can easily gel with its ever large status infliction movepool. The best option you have is to take advantage of its ability. In case I didn't tell you (Ian) Corrupunk has a MASSIVE amount of Status affliction moves. Its ability allows you to layer them on, making it particularly threatening. Paralysis and Burn are a good combination. One lowers speed and might make the opponent unable to move. The Burn cuts physical attack AND lowers health. That pretty much blows away any chance the opponent has of fighting back until it gets rid of them. Prank is the best option you have. Its 20% chance of laying down one of five status conditions (Paralyze, Burn, Poison, Confusion, and Attract) Freeze is the one you can't be dependant on because of rarity but it's useful.

Countering Corrupunk is...I'm not going to even try to bulk this out. It's easy. Get a good, speedy pokemon with good attack (Scyther for example) and you got it. A steel type can easily wall it and most steel types can manage with status moves.

Bottom line is, don't expect any easy wins with Corrupunk. It's too much of a glass cannon. It could be a physical sweeper but only for slower pokemon. Sorry.
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Sunday, August 1st Pokemon of the Day
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