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 Professor Mekka's Helpful Hints

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PostSubject: Professor Mekka's Helpful Hints   Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:11 pm

Oh, hello. Listen, this is something my cousin, Professor Kimba, told me to tell you about. First, this is a quick line to me. You can contact me anywhere from a Video Hard Line. I will try to assist you in any way possible and then I'll archive what I've told you here for you to always have a quick place to find it from your Pokedex. Now, a hint for the road.

There is actually a fresh Pokemon Rating System. Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes but that doesn't always speak for its power or ability in battle. There are ten rankings in all and the rank goes up the more experience you gain in battle. The experience you gain from a battle doesn't only come when you when but also when you lose. Certain battles might even be enough to jump your Pokemon from one rank to the next by themselves. Certain Gym battles, for example. Or battles with a Pokemon whose rank is much higher. Pokemon of lower ranks are better off competing with those of higher ones. The rank of a Pokemon says a lot about its trainer. The ten ranks are as follows.

Beginner - These are Pokemon who have seen little to know true battle experience.
Trainee - These are Pokemon whose battle experience is very limited and needs work.
Rookie - These are Pokemon who have improved to the point of being able to handle themselves a bit better in battle. They won't be stumbling around as much at least.
Basic - These are Pokemon who are less likely to make highly critical mistakes but it still doesn't rule out the possibility. They're finally getting a little power behind their attacks.
Intermediate - Pokemon of this rank can certainly hold their own in battle. They have some power and enough skill to really shine if things are in their favor.
Adept These Pokemon are true experts. They know how to execute some pretty strenuous or complicated battle maneuvers have have some decent power behind them.
Great - With this ranking, Pokemon are much more dependable and can really compete with some tougher opponents.
Super - The bottom line is that Pokemon of this ranking are tough. They can take a hit for the most part and falter in few areas.
Ultra - These Pokemon make battle look simple. They execute some of the hardest strategies known and are forces not to be trifled with.
Uber - These are Pokemon who make it all look effortless. Plain and simple. It is hard enough to reach this rank, it's harder still to defeat any Pokemon of it. Even Ultra rank Pokemon struggle to compete with Pokemon of this level.

It should be noted that winning a battle too easily doesn't contribute to your Pokemon's Rank at all. But neither does losing too badly. Sadly, a Pokemon of a rank such as Trainee stands little to NO chance of lasting long against Pokemon with a ranking as high as Super or Ultra.
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Professor Mekka's Helpful Hints
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