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 Main Characters of Pokemon SS

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PostSubject: Main Characters of Pokemon SS   Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:45 pm

There are a total of four Pokemon SS Games and several characters to span across them.

The first game features Brandon, an up and coming trainer from that region who specializes in Fire-Type Pokemon. Brandon is hot headed and ferociously confident. He's got heart and likes to think he's prepared for anything. He didn't win the Pokemon League of the region but he did come in 16th and is currently in the Kanto Region running the Cinnibar Island Gym while Blaine is out.

The second main character, introduced about half way through Shuinn, is the main character of Vallure. Jamie. Jamie is a cool, calm, and collected trainer all the way from Kanto. She's a very skilled and natural trainer whose focus is to grass type Pokemon. It's been noted that she and Brandon share a bit of a friendly rivalry. Jamie is, in fact, a Pokemon League Champion in the Kanto and Johto regions.

The last of the "big three", Gemini, Is introduced Early into Vallure as Jamie's rival who, despite specializing in Water types, does hold her own against the equally as natural Jamie. To match her hyper, upbeat attitude, she is accompanied by her companion, Totodile. She is from the Johto Region though never competed in the Pokemon League due to complications that kept her from gaining all 8 necessary badges by the deadline. She took her adventure to Vallure next, bringing her Totodile and Corsala with her.

Each game features one of them. The fourth game will feature them all.
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Main Characters of Pokemon SS
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