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 Pokemon of the Week 7/24/11

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week 7/24/11   Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:53 am

Ms. Mime: The Mimette Pokemon - Ms. Mime create solid barriers that are almost impenetrable by any means. Even a charge from a Rhydon has been proven incapable of breaching its Force Field attack.

Ms. Mime is like a mini-Replinurse. It has half the HP and about 75% of its defenses. Replinurse has a decent Attack Stat and Decent Speed and 75 and 95 each. Ms. Mime has a less than desirable Attack Stat but it's a psychic type, it can get away with that. It also has 90 Speed which is just shy of Replinurse. It also gets plenty of Psychic STAB moves where as Replinurse, being a normal type, gets very few GOOD stab moves. Ms. Mime is overall a good Pokemon who may struggle simply to dispel problem pokemon such as Scizor, Shardire, and Steelix.


Soundproof - The ability is honestly more tolerable now since a number of Pokemon get Screech and Roar as well as new sound based moves. But its other ability is preferable.

Filter - This move makes Ms. Mime a rather potent threat to Dark Types because they can no longer hope to OH-KO her and she gets Focus Blast. Halving Super Effective moves' damage is threatening. Filter is like the baby version of Super Armor which is an ability we're all familiar with. Armofrost, much?

Move Sets

Lead Ms. Mime: Bolt-Beam Champion
-Focus Blast
-Ice Beam
Item Attached: Leftovers
Trait: Filter

This set is exactly why Blissey almost got banned from the Standard Tier. Blissey not getting Focus Blast is a blessing to the rest of the game. Otherwise, it'd be unstoppable. Ms. Mime, luckily, does have it. It also has higher speed, Highers special attack, and more use for it. This set on Ms. Mime is made to kill everything in sight. Dark and Steel types mean nothing to you with this set. Focus Blast is the game changer there. Bolt-Beam gives it perfect coverage with Focus Blast. Recover is your restore move with Leftovers to make sure you never keel over too soon. The one thing missing from this set is, of course, STAB.

Ms. Mime's Firing Her Laser!
-Calm Mind
-Mega Kinesis
Item Attached: Leftovers
Trait: Filter

Survival is a key component. Don't try to challenge a dark type with this set. You don't have anything to hit them with. Use Barrier first to give yourself more physical defensive power. Use Recover sparingly so you aren't wasting turns. Spam Calm Mind until your Special Stats can't possibly get any higher. Then just use Mega Kinesis and watch as any Pokemon hit by it is decimated.

Countering Ms. Mime
The best way you could hope to Counter a Ms. Mime is to pray it doesn't know Focus Blast (Or Firework) and use Steelix(Scizor). Other than that, Ms. Mime doesn't have many. Now if you don't want to play a types game then use Metagross. It's slow but it can take a Firework or two and pound it with Meteor Mash. The same two counters keep coming up, however. Armofrost and Replinurse are the best all-around counters in the game. They take heavy damage from very little and deal damage very well. Ms. Mime doesn't have a thing that can touch either of them, even Focus Blast.
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Pokemon of the Week 7/24/11
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