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 Easter Pokemon of the Week

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PostSubject: Easter Pokemon of the Week   Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:23 am

Mummeon: The Mummy Pokemon - Mummeon tend to live alone in dark places. Often times they follow children home like strays. They usually are unaware of how frightening they are and and seem shocked when the kids run away.

Mummeon is a cool Pokemon. Defensively it's pretty much the same thing as Vaporeon with more HP and slightly less Sp. Def. Offensively, Vaporeon eat's its dust with 120 Atk and 90 Sp Atk. Most ghost pokemon would actually hate stats like these but there are a few moves that make sure it works...Sucker Punch and Shadow Claw. Plus its ability makes it really unfair and as a pre-evolution move, it gets Agility to compensate for average speed.


Undead - This ability actually makes Mummeon one of the most threatening pokemon you're going to meet. Ghost type moves are used to get rid of other ghost types more than dark type moves are but this ability gives it a ghost immunity.


-Double Team
Item Attached: Leftovers

Shuckle and Forretress made this set infamous but with Mummeon, there's now no pokemon that pulls it off better. Why? Two things that Mummeon has that they don't. Speed...and Will-o-wisp. Will-o-wisp makes that low defense high considering physical power is halved to the enemy. Of course, it can still use Toxic for this slot if you wanna get rid of your opponent faster.

Glass Cannon
-Shadow Claw
-Sucker Punch
Item Attached: Choice Band/Choice Scarf

The most straightforward attacking set you'll see out of this pokemon. Shadow Claw handles Ghost and Psychic types plus the STAB and that nice attack stat and you're set. Sucker Punch is the way to beat down on speedy ghosts Gengar and Mismagius. Dig lets you venture fighting Bronzong and Metagross. Pummel is the only option you have for battling Dark Types in a single battle. Otherwise use Will-o-wisp.

Countering Mummeon

It's sort of difficult to do since it's so good at countering its counters but Metagross and Bronzong can do it rather easily. Houndoom, Hardyena, Houndemo. Dark types in general...ESPECIALLY Umbreon. Thanks to upgrade, Umbreon's slightly faster and has the special offensive Dark Pulse. Another notable counter is the walling queen, herself, Replinurse. Sure Mummeon has Pummel but that'll only carve in a tiny scratch on her. Then she can beat in a move like the Bolt-Beam combo that made Blissey so popular as walling queen back in the day when Hoenn and Sinnoh and Unova didn't try to beat everyone...failing until they got to Garchomp, Ferrothorn, and Hydreigon.

Sgl Battle - OU
Dbl Battle - BL
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Easter Pokemon of the Week
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