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 Pokemon of the Week 4/17/11

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week 4/17/11   Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:36 pm

Drifburg: The Blimp Pokemon and the Evolved form of Drifblim. Drifburg wander around in groups high up in the skies. If one grows tired and falls behind the others will continue and the left Drifburg will relocate its group somehow.

Drifburg is...it's an improvement. Drifblim has HP out the whazoo...and paper thin defenses. Drifburg is an improvement. Not great but better. 200 Base HP a base Def in the 70's and Sp. Def in the 80's makes its capable of surviving a while but Snorlax and Blissey it is not and DEFINITELY no Replinurse. With Walling Queen Replinurse out there, Drifburg barely slots as a wall especially with others like Forretress and Cloyster filling up slots. But it's usable and thanks to higher speed and decent offensive stats, it can survive a while in OU Tier.


Aftermath: Well...to be honest you aren't going to see many physical attacks aimed at it so...yeah. Plus this ability doesn't make it that great.Aftermath does a Quarter of the damage done to this pokemon to opponent when KO'd by physical means...Nuclume, people.
Unburden: Load him with a berry and once down to half HP he uses it and boosts your speed, letting you glide by so many pokemon i.e Porygon-Z among others. Just use this one. Nuclume is way better at Aftermath.

Recommended Movesets

Every Drif For Itself!
Shadow Ball
Acid Rain
Item Attached: Any Usable Berry
Trait: Unburden

This set is pretty easy. Shadow Ball for other Ghosts I.E Gengar and Missy. Acid Rain is for steel types. Roost is your recovery move and Explosion is your last resort.

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Pokemon of the Week 4/17/11
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