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 Pokemon of the Week 4/10/11

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week 4/10/11   Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:28 am

Falcombat: The Falcon Pokemon! It was once capable of flying high up in the skies but has adapted for land survival. It can still jump to incredible heights, however, due to its still hollow bones. It has mastered several forms of fighting and competes with some of the best.

I made Falcombat pretty cool. It definitely isn't defensive but it's a good sweeper to some pokemon. Its type of Flying/Fight is a very good offensive type. Not so much on the Defensive perspective. With weaknesses to Flying, Psychic, Ice, and Electric, Falcombat is prettymuch weak to all of the hard hitters EXCEPT Earthquake. Believe it or noth that's veeery good. Why? Falcombat's Fight type allows it to demolish most pokemon who would commonly use the move. With base 70 in each defensive stat, including HP, it's a glass cannon. 100 speed is good, not GREAT, but good. 115 attack and 110 Sp. Attack is also impressive since, like Lucario, it can dish out Powerful Focus Blasts...which is veeeery handy against the likes of Steelix.


Steadfast: It's okay. When it flinches, it gets a speed boost but, well, flinching isn't very common unless your pokemon has Serene Grace and a Flinch Move.
Fighting Spirit: This move works best in Double Battles. Why? Pair it up with something that has a fighting move and let your pokemon hit it then watch the stats soar.


Falcon Punch!
-Wing Slice
-Sky Uppercut/Focus Blast
-Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch
Item Attached: Choice Band/Choice Scarf
Trait: Doesn't Matter.

Here is where planning is everything. Wing Slice is a doom spell to pokemon like Jakolation and others who think they can play the big bad wolf. The fight move you use is a matter of preference. Sky Uppercut has better accuracy but Focus Blast would do more damage and count for Physical walls like Steelix. Refresher is your recovery move. The next move is all about preference. Alot of Steel Type aren't week to fight because of type matchings i.e Metagross, Bronzong, and Scizor. Fire Punch takes care of them. But Ice Punch punishes those mean dragons like Salamence and Flygon as well as Garchomp if you Choice Scarf. Thunder Punch is for Bulky Waters, excluding Swampert, and other flying types like Staraptor. I'd go with Choice Scarf if I was going to try and combat Dragons and Frosslass. And if you're going to try this set in Double Battles use Fighting Spirit.

Countering Falcombat
There are alot of pokemon that do this well...When Falcombat doesn't have Choice Scarf. Garchomp, Frosslass, Staraptor, etc. But with the Choice Scarf...weeell, Falcombat is just the tops when it has Choice Scarf because if it gets to hit first, it hits REALLY hard especially if the team mate in a double battle has Mach Punch to hit it with when it's running Fighting Spirit. The only pokemon that really match it after that are Ubers...and of course the speed freak pokemon, Bluradical which actually has its own tier.

Double Battle Use
I've said it several times. Make sure it runs Fighting Spirit and pack a pokemon with Mach Punch to ups its stats so it can end its opponents swiftly.

Single Battles: OU/Standard
Double Battles: OU/Standard
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Pokemon of the Week 4/10/11
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