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 Pokemon of the Week 2/13/11

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week 2/13/11   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:44 pm

Blankreep: The Ghost Pokemon. Its body is fused with an eerie sheet. The more tattered and worn it is, the more frightening it is considered by other Blankreep.

Blankreep, in a lot of ways, is like Gengar. Physically is terrible, but is phenominal specially. Its speed is tolerable but not great, which Gengar can comfortably hold over it. But the two factors that it can hold over all ghost pokemon are its Ability and Type combination. Ghost/Normal typing mean its only weakness is Dark. Fearless comfortably makes it immune to Dark, Psychic, and Ghost (which it was already immune to because of type). This makes it a pseudo-Ghost/Dark type as that's the only type combination with absolutely Zero weaknesses. Its stats, as previously mentioned, are all about special tanking. Base 79 speed drops out the Sweeping option but 110 HP? Yes Please! 95 Sp. Def? Okay! 115 Sp. Atk? Ideal! This guy can be a threat. Tier wise, it's ever bit as usable in OU as Gengar.

HP 110
Attack 35
Defense 38
Sp Atk 115
Sp Def 95
Speed 79

Fearless: Wow. "Prevents Damage from Paranormal Types. So Ghost, Psychic, and Dark ain't go'n do JACK! =D

Boo! Don't Act Like You Weren't Scared
-Shadow Ball
-Flame Pillar/IceBeam
Attached Item: Choice Scarf

Not gonna lie. This set is ALL about that lovely special attack stat. Every single attacking move is special and in case yo want to get cute near the end, Possess is one of the most threatening moves in the game. It's like doubling the effects of Swagger. Shadow Ball and Prank are there almost entirely for STAB. But Prank has the nice bonus of possibly Paralyzing or Burning the opponent. You'll want to go with burn. While the majority of physical attacks coming your way will be from pokemon slower than you (Tyranitar, Aggron, Physical Monsters) you will have to watch out for dragons. Flame Pillar and Ice Beam arethere to test which you think is more of a threat; Dragon types or Steel Types. You can get around Steel Types more easily but Dragons...uy...Garchomp, Flygon, Salamence, Dragonite, Kingdra...won't help against Kingdra but for the others, Pack Ice Beam. Not too many pokemon can get around Garchomp or Salamence. If you're going to try for Flame Pillar, stick a GOOD Ice Type or Bulky Watter (Frosslass or Swampert) in your team. Choice Scarf MIGHT let you outspeed them but just in case.

Le Switcharoo
-Power Swap
-Wall Shadow/Giga Impact
-Guard Swap/Ice Glide
-Trick Room

Probably the leat likely used set. SET UP TRICK ROOM FIRST! If you don't I promise you will get hit HARD later if there's a physical pokemon on the field capable of hitting Blankreep. After Trick Room is set, use Guard Swap or Power Swap. Guard Swap is only there in case you're up against Garchomp or Tyranitar or other physical Juggernauts. Power Swap makes you physical and makes Giga Impact to CRAZY damage AND with STAB. Wall Shadow is in case you want to tackle other Ghosts. If you don't want to go for physical wall jut go physical pseudo-sweeper and use Ice Glide to pummel the peskier dragons. Don't even think of trying to combat Steels here. Blankreep doesn't learn any physical attacks that can even scrath most of them, especially Metagross and Steelix.

Countering Blankreep
Well...basically the same way you beat Sableye and Spiritomb...don't count on type advantages. There aren't many pokemon that can get off the leash against this guy. Garchomp is a prefect pokemon for it so long as it avoids the dreaded Fross-kreep combo or the Blan-pert combo. Metagross if it can avoid Flame Pillar. Wallopi, Kangaskhan, and Miltank with SCRAPPY ability can use fighting attacks coughBrickBreakcough on it and take it down in little more that one hit.

Double Battle Use
Well, it's actually where this little guy shines. In combination with Frosslass or Swampert it can be pretty devestating. Also, It can be a slightly less effective Blissey in the dreaded Skarm-Bliss combination.

Single Battle - UU/BL
Double Battle - OU
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Pokemon of the Week 2/13/11
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