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 First Serene Sea PotW

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PostSubject: First Serene Sea PotW   Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:42 pm

Boy did Zzaprong get the short end of the stick. Zzaprong looks cool but isn't suited for more than the UU tier. Why? Uh, hello, base stats are an issue. Its got a scary amount of Sp. Atk and HP but it has average defenses and terrible Speed. If not for the well fitting Movepool, it'd be in NU tier.

HP 113
Attack 33
Defense 98
Sp Atk 117
Sp Def 70
Speed 21

If there's one thing it's built for, it's to be a staller. Thunder Wave does it that favor. But its speed generally is the ruination factor.

Ability: Static - It's a good ability, considering its slightly above average Defense and Low Speed but it's not going to take it up a tier. It's somewhat favorable over the other choice.

Bug Zapper: Electrical Moves from this pokemon are Super Effective to bugs. Not that useful unless you're aiming to hit a high defensive bug.


Metal Sound
Hidden Power (Grass)
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Static
Overview: Alright, this moveset is pretty straight-forward. Metal Sound makes it so Zzaprong can hit like a tank. It lowers the Opponent's Sp. Def two stages out of 6 so one use is enough. Then using Thunderbolt seals their fate. Thunder Wave ot Toxic are a matter of preference. If you don't trust the odds of Static kicking in, use Thunder Wave, though Toxic, for this guy would be more useful. Thunder Wave isn't likely to make Zzaprong faster than it's opponent considering how abysmal its speed is. Hidden Power (Grass) is there for Ground coverage, but let's be honest. What Ground Type in UU doesn't have Earthquake? The Life Orb won't hurt it much thanks to the big HP but if you aren't careful, it'll be the end of you.

Wall Staller
Iron Defense
Charge/Light Screen
Thunderbolt/Shock Wave/Toxic
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Static
Overview: Playing the defense game is welcomed here. Iron Defense is going to boost its Defense to ridiculous levels. Charge and Light Screen have their own reasons. Of the three defensive stats, its Sp. Defense is the lower. Charge boosts Sp. Def and powers up Electrical attacks, giving Thunderbolt some fair mention here. Shock Wave is there in case Charge isn't chosen because Charge Wave really isn't too powerful. Toxic is there to stall. It makes Zzaprong a fairly useful Pseudo-Forretress/Shuckle

Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me
Fly Swatter
Stealth Rock
Hidden Power (Fire)
Electric Field/Shock Wave
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Bug Zapper
Overview: Designed specifically to aim out Bug Types because electric types have some sort of issue with many of them. To handle the likes of Shedinja, use Fly Swatter since it always goes for a super effective hit over Bugs. Normal-Type move or not, it can hit Shedinja. Shock Wave can do the same but it stretches to all bug types (barring Bug/Ground types like Nincada) with Bug Zapper Ability. Hidden Power (Fire) gets 4x hits in the likes of Forretress, who Shock Wave may not stop. Stomp switching in Bug/Flying types like Vespiquen and Butterfree with Stealth Rock. Electric Field is to give it some leverage over the likes of Ninjask and Yanmega if they avoid Stealth Rock somehow because Ninjask with Dig is dangerous and Yanmega is a good annoyer to Zzaprong.

Countering Zzaprong

Countering Zzaprong is ridiculously easy whilst difficult at the same time. First of all, anything with a base attack higher than 80 that has Earthquake should be able to off it easily. Metagross, Tyranitar, Donphan, etc. So long as Hidden Power (Fire) is avoided, any Grass type with some bulk i.e Meganium, Leafeon, Venusaur, can easily manage. Hitmonlee with Limber is immune to being paralyzed so it can take care of it easily.
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First Serene Sea PotW
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