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 The Trainer Introduction

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PostSubject: The Trainer Introduction   Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:06 pm

Hello, young trainers! What're your names? Oh that doesn't matter right now. My name is Professor Kimba. You may know me as the famous Expert of Pokemon Natures. What, what do you mean you've never heard of me? Oh, nevermind that. You're ready to start your journey, huh? Well The Journey with Pokemon isn't limited to being a League Trainer.You can be a Coordinator, a Breeder, a Pokeathlathon Trainer, the possibilities really don't ever end. If you're into battling then you'll probably want to be a trainer. But if you like to battle in style then shoot for Coordinator! So that said, I'll tell you a bit about this place we call home. The Shuinn Region is actually one of the largest ones land wise. But it's pretty underdeveloped. This region has tons of Pokemon that you won't find anywhere else. OH! Speaking of which, come and stop by my lab later. I have an errand for you. Anyway, this region is divided into three as you could probably guess. The Mountain Seperates the two northern sections of the region and the one, huge, southern section. You'll want to be prepared for intense heat in the North-West and some serious chills in the North-East. Down here in teh southern section it's pretty mild. Oh, I'm sorry I started to run off at the mouth again. I'm sorry. Listen, I'll tell you more fun things about the Shuinn Region when you stop by the lab later. Until then, kids, have a great journey. Hey, who knows? If you're a trainer, maybe you'll even become the Pokemon Master someday. Just don't go thinking you're invincible. You are a newbie after all.
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The Trainer Introduction
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