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 Pokemon of the Week, November 14

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week, November 14   Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:52 pm

Octimagnum...uy...Talk about a POWERHOUSE. Octillery didn't even NEED and evolution but we got the idea so we gave it one Wink Octimagnum is a monster. Base 130 a piece in BOTH offensive stats and 90 in both Defensive plus a health boost from the abysmal base speed it had to still SOMEWHAT abyssmal base 60. Not to mention one of the best and most contradictory typings in the game, Water/Fire. Octimagnum packs a PUNCH to ANY Standard/OU team. Why did we give Octillery an Evo? When the Shuinn region came around, we had one idea in mind, Contradictory Types. One of them was Water/Fire. What better to execute this than a turret shaped like an octopus? XD

As for movepools...god, I can't make enough. Its movepool is MASSIVE.

Recommended Movepools
-Mud Shot

Rekindle is the best Health restoring move any fire type has. It has no downsides like Roost and Rest. It just heals a bit. Hydropump and Surf are there to combat Ground or Rock types trying to give you trouble. It's a matter of whether you want Power of Accuracy. Mud Shot ruins steel types that try to outdo you. Hyperbeam is there for basically everything else. Overheat is just for those steel types that'll pack levitate like Bronzong.
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Pokemon of the Week, November 14
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