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 Pokemon of the Week

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PostSubject: Pokemon of the Week   Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:31 pm

Hacking is another of the shuinn Post National Pokemn. Hacking makes an appearence as a pain of a pokemon to battle and, like Weezing, is the master of Fight counters. Its Poison Typing and God-Like Defense Plus good attack and Explosion make it a monster. Stats, along the board, this pokemon is all about Physical, with two over the top physical stats. It's not the speediest pokemon but it can work. It's bound to shot right into UU considering that there aren't a ton of Fight Types around that aren't easily countered. But it can be a huge threat there.

Suggested Movepools

Hacking Smokes
-Acid Rain/Ignite
-Scary Face/Protect/Sucker-Punch

This set is SCARY. It takes care of all of the problems. Hacking is a poison type so naturally, you're going to want to swipe Ground, Psychic, and Steel Types. Well, there isn't a Ground type around (barring Groudon, Steelix, and maybe Garchomp) That can take an Explosion from this guy. That said, Steel Types and Psychic types are a problem, Steel types for their resistance to Explosion, Psychic types because they're generally faster than Hacking anyway. To compensate for the Steel Problem, it has Acid Rain and Ignite. Acid Rain was made specifically to give Poison types a way to beat Steel Types. Ignite also isn't bad because it pretty much locks in that the opponent will get burned from any form of physical contact and a Steel Type with Burn (thanks to the new Burn function of doing extra damage to steel, grass, bug, and ice types) hurts. Psychic types, most of them, can clean Hacking's clock, especially Alakazam and Pseudo-Psychic Porygon-Z. The best way to handle this, if they don't slam with a Psychic attack first, is to use Scary Face and cut their speed. Sucker-Punch is also a viable option as it can clean Alakazam out but leaves Porygon-Z so space to attack freely. Protect is there to stall in double battles so teammates can get rid of psychics.
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Pokemon of the Week
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