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 First Official Pokemon of the Week

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PostSubject: First Official Pokemon of the Week   Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:26 pm

Negativa and Positiva are The Cheerleader Pokemon evolutions of Plusle and Minun. They aren't Vallure Region. They're Post Nation Shuinns and pretty good ones. Clearly, they aren't that different from one another but they're set apart in a number of ways. With their Plus and Minus Abilities, nice typing and good stats, they're all kinds of good. Both with Base 145 Sp. Atk stats and Base 120 Speed, not to mention exceptional Sp. Def, they can be absolute monsters...when not against Metagross, Tyranitar, or any other Wall with Earthquake. Why? They're as fragile as a sheet of paper. They're effective in OU/Standard if you know what you're doing but only expect to see them in UU very often.

Suggested Movepool
Since they're meant to work perfectly together, here is a moveset for RaRaRa Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Yeah!

Rain Dance/Helping Hand
Cute Face
Grass Knot

Is it not bad enough that simply by just having them both out at the same time, they get a 1.5 Sp. Atk Bonus? (Which caps out at a mounstrous 218 by the way) This team is perfect for double battle. One uses Cute Face to Negate Damage to both while the other sets up Rain Dance. Then you'll be able to annihilate anything with Thunder without fail? And in case you run into anything trying to play the ground card, hand 'em grass knot. Since most of the pokemon who cause these two problems weigh a ton, grass knot should do MASSIVE damage.

Countering this set? Well...This set really leave three pokemon to wipe these two out; Blissey, Metagross, and Replinurse. Blissey is a Special Wall and would suck up Thuder from even these two. Replinurse is an all around wall and can do the same. Metagross, they might scratch a two or three hit knock out from but Three is enough for Earthquake Metagross to punish them. Another Pokemon to note is Bluradical. Not only is it monstrously fast compared to every other existing pokemon, it's an electric type so half Thunder Damage and it's light so not much out of Grass Knot.

Individually, they aren't much of a threat. Together, they're just gods waiting to be slotted into the big leagues with the likes of Blissey and Salamence. In fact, they're so lack-luster individually that I don't really have a suggestion for an individual moveset. Sorry
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First Official Pokemon of the Week
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