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 Post Construction Rules #13

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PostSubject: Post Construction Rules #13   Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:07 pm

Probably the easiest mechanics in the game are right here in stats. Applying them for moves that have a chance of inflicting them, is also done via Dice Roll.

Paralysis - Basically, if you're paralyzed, don't plan on going anywhere. Your pokemon's speed has been dropped to the Base.

Confusion - There's a Dice Roll, specifiacally for this bad boy. (two if you count the one that snaps you out of it) The main one controls whether your pokemon hits itself or not. If it does, just take a quarter of the damage it'd have done to the opponent. (Round up if not evenly split) If the Defense stat has fallen or the Attack stat has risen, add 5 to the damage for each stage it had been upped.

Attract - One Dice Roll, whether or not you can attack.

Burn - Takes off a quarter of damage done by physical attacks from this pokemon

Poison - Minus 5 HP each turn.

Badly Poison - Minus 5, Minus 10, Minus 15, Minus 25, Minue 25, etc.
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Post Construction Rules #13
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