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 August 14th - 17 PD's

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PostSubject: August 14th - 17 PD's   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:38 am

I haven't much time so each pokemon of the following 4 shall get a very brief overview. The 4 todays are Chamatern, Replinurse, Jawreckor, and Skiron. These are going to be short, Paragraph long overviews so let's get cracking.

Chamatern can be a beast. It's got good stats, especially a monstrous Attack Stat and a nice base 100 speed. Its fight typing isn't ideal but its ability is and allows for a free hit. Its Ability makes it so Males absolutely never land the first damaging attack. Example: Male Cubone: (uses Leer and Chamatern's defense goes down) Second Turn (Cubone uses Bone Club but fails) This ability, alone can spell doom for any team as it gives Chamy a free turn to set up the Difference making Focus Punch. What Tier would it be? Probably the Standard if you know how to use it. It has the movepool to work there and the stats.

Replinurse is an all around better version of Blissey. Why do I say this? Because it's no longer an annoyer. It's a TANK. Replinurse has that nice Base 135 on BOTH its defenses and a Health at a not as nice as Blissey's but still Wonderful 240. What's left? Well, if you count for its rather wonderful base 110 Sp. Attack and its decent Base 90 attack then factor in its okay pase 90 Speed, you have a total monster on your hand whose movepool allows itto be a credible offensive threat AND a Support, Wall, Tank, heck, there are numerous rolls it can fill. It SHOULD be an Uber but it still doesn't have the stats for it so Standard, it shall be.

Jawrecker is Sharpedo's new evolution and one it's been craving. Sharpedo had one issue last few Generations. It was called the Fighting type. Now, Jawreckor brings some things to the field. First of all, it gets a much adored speed boost. Considering its already impressive speed, that is. What do I mean? Base 13 is what I mean. This guy has enough speed for you and me but what's that have to do with fighting types? It also got a nice attack boost and combine that with Ariel Ace finding its way into Jawsie's movepool and you have yourself one tough pokemon. Tier? Well Borderline if a popularity contest but certainly worth Standard.

Skiron is everything Skarmory could have asked for. Skarmory was a beast in 3rd gen. When 4th gen came around it lost a lot. Now it's back with a brand new reason to be on top. While the Defensive Benchmark still goes to Torkindle, Skiron is a close second and manages to once again prove itself. It's got a healthy speed boost as well as well as a good boost in its Defense and Attack. Tier wise? Skarmory is Back in Standard, Baby. Thank you Skiron!
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August 14th - 17 PD's
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