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 The Shuinn PokeDex (Will Recieve Continuous Updates)

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PostSubject: The Shuinn PokeDex (Will Recieve Continuous Updates)   Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:52 am

Premaseed: The Baby Tree Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Entry: The Leaf on its head is loved by bug type pokemon. As a defense mechanism, it expels a paralyzing toxin to stun those that come near.
Location: Burgundy Town Starter

Fertileaf: The Sprout Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Entry: FERTILEAF may be small but once its roots are firmly planeted, nothing can move it. It attacks by first planting itself down then swinging its large forearms wildly to strike its opponent.
Location: Evolve Premaseed

Amby: The Ember Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Entry: This pokemon is cute but hugging it can be quite disastrous if it is enraged or frightened. It's body can reach temperatures of up to 1700 Degrees F.
Location: Burgundy Town Starter

Magmosaur: The Dinosaur Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Entry: It can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. It does so by storing heat energy within its body which it uses for a burst of energy when running.
Location: Evolve Ambaby

Magmaraptor: The Velociraptor Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Entry: This pokemon can breathe flames hotter than 2000 degrees F. Horn on its head is said to be harder than steel and very valuable.
Location: Evolve Dinashor

Popple: The Popping Pokemon
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Torrent
Entry: It is small but it's capable of lifting great weights by pulling all of its bubbles together then surrounding whatever it wants to carry.
Location: Burgundy Town Starter

Bubblow: The Bubble Pokemon
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Torrent
Entry: This pokemon has evolved a tail of bubbles which it effectively uses to lift things. Its size has not changed much but it's believed that each of the faced bubbles may each be capable of strange psychic power.
Location: Evolve Popple

Bubburst: The Explosion Pokemon
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Torrent
Entry: The turret on its back is used to force out bubbles, water, etcetera. This helps its stay airborne much longer than it could in its previous stages as well as give it a much more efficient means of attacking.
Location: Evolve Bubblow

Stagly: The Iron Horn Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: Forewarn
Entry: STAGLY may be small but it is incredibly powerful. It builds up power by enduring all that it can then releasing it all back at the opponent.
Location: Route 51

Arbeetle: The Steel Shell Pokemon
Type: Bug/Steel
Ability: SturdyBody
Entry: This pokemon's shell is more than ten times harder than steel. It can hardly move while inside but it makes up for this with fortress level defensive power. The shell itself is said to completely impenetrable.
Location: Route 52, Evolve Stagly

Beetelord: The Javeline Beetle Pokemon
Type: Bug/Rock
Ability: Solid
Entry: In the forest, BEETELORD is a powerhouse and difficult to top. It swings its massive horn to attack. Its horn is so powerful that it can knock down a fully matured and healthy tree.
Location: Evolve Arbeetle

Possumare: The Possum Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Forewarn/Anticipate
Entry: This pokemon can sense danger around the corner. When it does, its whiskers twitch and it stands up on its hind legs. At night, baby Possumare will cry and wait for the return of their mother.
Location: Route 51, Route 52, Route 58

Possumaul: The PlayDead Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Forewarn
Entry: If it senses danger, this pokemon will cleverly turn over and play dead. On the occasion that this pokemon is caught, it will viciously fight back until it either wins or the opponent leaves.
Location: Terra Forest, Route 58, Route 60, The Safari Zone

Squawk: The Chirpy Pokemon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: KeenEye
Entry: Despite it's small size, it seems to believe it's a rather large pokemon. Don't underestimate it. SQUAWK is small but it is fast and once it's got a target, it won't stop until it has defeated it.
Location: Route 51, Route 53, Route 54, Route 55, Route 56

Aviaero: The Young Hawk Pokemon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: KeenEye
Entry: AVIAERO can stay airborne for days without stopping. It needs nothing to keep moving but a goal. Unlike most bird pokemon, AVIAERO perfers to fly alone.
Location: Route 57, Tera Forest, Evolve Squawk

Predihawk: The Preditor Pokemon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Entry: Its prey consists of small bugs and animals. It flies around marking its territory by clawing at it with it razor sharp talons.
Location: Evolve Aviaero

Larvile: The Larvae Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: SheildDust
Entry: It lingers around in forests and feeds on garbage. It's building up energy for the day it creates its pupa and finally breaks free to evolve.
Location: Route 51, Terra Forest

Gunkoon: The Toxic Pupa Pokemon
Type: Bug/Steel
Ability: ShedSkin
Entry: Its Shell is so hard that nothing can breach it. Among the many Pupa Pokemon, it's shell is the hardest, even besting Pupitar.
Location: Route 52, Terra Forest, Evolve Larvile

Flirus: The Fly Pokemon
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Scavenger
Entry: It is fragile but quick. Its eyes can look around in all directions, allowing it a slight edge. It flies faster than most pokemon can catch. This pokemon is favored by trainers who enjoy stalling opponents.
Location: Evolve Gunkoon

Pichu: The Tiny Mouse Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Entry: The sacks on its cheeks store electrical charges. It's so tiny that using its electrical powers can cause it to hurt itself.
Location: Terra Forest, Breed Pikachu or Raichu

Pikachu: The Mouse Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Entry: It's lightningbolt shaped tail is used to help it control its great electrical powers as well as check its surroundings.
Location: Safari Zone

Raichu: The Mouse Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Entry: It can store over 100,000 volts of electricity in the pouches on its cheeks. Then it can loose it all, in powerful bursts capable of defeating pokemon far larger than it.
Location: Evolve Pikachu

Bonsly: The Bonsai Pokemon
Type: Rock
Ability: Sturdy/RockHead
Entry: To maintain body fluids, it always "cries". It is actually just releasing water from its eyes.
Location: Breed Sudowoodo with a Rock Incense

Sudowoodo: The Imitation Pokemon
Type: Rock
Ability: Sturdy/RockHead
Entry: SUDOWOODO may look like a tree but don't be decieved. The composition of this pokemon is much more like rock than a plant.
Location: There is Only One. It Blocks Route 52.

Abra: The Psi Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize/Inner-Focus
Entry: ABRA sleeps for 18 hours a day. This helps it perserve its psychic abilities. While it sleeps, it tends to teleport around.
Location: Route 54

Kadabra: The Psi Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize/Inner-Focus
Entry: It exercises its psychic abilities by bending the spoon it carries. Using it's powers can cause strange disturbances in electronic devices.
Location: Route 57, Mt. Dracorian

Alakazam: The Psi Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize/Inner-Focus
Entry: It is among the smartest pokemon ever, with an IQ that exceeds 5,000. It's intelligence is rivaled only by Mewtwo and Metagross.
Location: Evolve Kadabra

Eldock: The GrandfatherClock Pokemon
Type: Psychic/Electric
Ability: Synchronize/TemporalLock
Entry: It has completely figured out the cycles of time knows the secret to its manipulation. It is said that it learned this from none other than Celebii. This mastery of the concepts of time has greatly equipped it for battle. It carefully guards the secret and would give its own life to protect it.
Location: Evolve Kadabra

Oddish: The Weed Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Entry: This pokemon perfers to roam around in the night time. During the day it is underground, leaving only its leaves exposed.
Location: Route 53, Terra Forest

Gloom: The Weed Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Entry: The flower on its head release an awful smelling aroma. It only does this when GLOOM feels threatened, afraid, or enraged.
Location: Route 55, Full-Moon Forest

Vileplume: Flower Pokemon
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Entry: The pollen from its petals is incredibly allergenic. Even steel types cannot help but sneeze if it is around.
Location: Evolve Gloom

Bellossom: The Flower Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll
Entry: Bellossom's cute dance is said to be much more. Many believe that the sun rises in the mornings because Bellossom's dance is a ritual for the sunrise.
Location: Evolve Gloom

Wispy: The Will-o-Wisp Pokemon - Insomnia
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Insomnia
Entry: It wanders around in dark places, hiding from sunlight during the day. At night it comes out and sings its wailing song that sounds like music to it but awful crying to anyone else.
Location: Shuppet Island, Route 57 (Night Only)

Willoweed: The Rot Pokemon
Type: Grass/Ghost
Ability: Insomnia
Entry: During the day, groups of Willoweed will gather and study passersby. At nights, Willoweed will stand alone on hills, letting the wind blow their drooping branches.
Location: Shuppet Island, Safari Zone

Tombark: The Weeping Willow Pokemon
Type: Grass/Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Entry: Tombark wanders around at night, mischievously tapping on the windows of small childrens' bedrooms to scare them. It can be found resting in graveyards and marsh areas during the day.
Location: Evolve Willoweed

Illumise: The firefly pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: Tinted Lense/Oblivious
Entry: A sweet aroma from this pokemon attracts VOLBEAT for miles. It then gets VOLBEAT to draw patterns in the sky with its tail.
Location: Full-Moon Forest

Pyrumise: The FireFly Pokemon
Type: Bug/Fire
Ability: Flashfire/CuteCharm
Entry: It flies around at night, looking for ELECTRICKET to mate with. It finds the right one by turning it's blazing tail on and off to attract as many as it can then dances with them until it sees the right one.
Location: Full-Moon Forest (Night Only)

Volbeat: The Firefly Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: Illuminate/Swarm
Entry: It communicates with the light on its tail. It travels miles to ILLUMISE if it smells its sweet aroma.
Location: Full-Moon Forest

Chix: The Fire Chick Pokemon
Type: Flying/Fire
Ability: EarlyBirl/Flashfire
Entry: It is small but can already fly high up in the sky. It's red wings are powerful and can flap at a very fast pace, keeping this pokemon airborne for long periods of time.
Location: Windy Valley, Plator Ruins

Fowlix: The Young Phoenix Pokemon
Type: Flying/Fire
Ability: EarlyBird/Flashfire
Entry: Its wings glow in the sunlight. Many consider it good luck to see this glorious sight.
Location: Mt. Dracorian (Top), Mysterios Wood, Plator Ruin (Outside)

Phoeniflame: The Phoenix Pokemon
Type: Flying/Fire
Ability: MagicGaurd/FlashFire
Entry: When it takes flight it always leaves the ground it stood on charred. It is said that when this pokemon died, a new baby Chix emerges from its ashes.
Location: Evolve Fowlix

Trapinch: The Ant Pit Pokemon
Type: Ground
Ability: Arena Trap/Hypercutter
Entry: It digs enormous pits that often lead to elaborate tunnel systems. It occasionally holds contests with Diglett to see which can dig the better tunnel network.
Location: Route 59, Plator Ruin Path

Vibrava: The Vibration Pokemon
Type: Ground/Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Entry: Its wings flap at incredible speeds. The flapping creates powerful and loud vibrations that attract others.
Location: Evolve Trapinch

Flygon: The Mystic Pokemon
Type: Ground/Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Entry: Flygon's powerful wings have the ability to whip up sandstorms which blind its opponents. This often causes wanderers who cannot truly see it, to nickname it the Desert Spirit.
Location: Evolve Vibrava

Sunkern: The Seed Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Chloropyll/SolarPower
Entry: It eats nothing but the dewdrops from its leaves. During the summer their population explodes.
Location: Route 52, Route 53

Sunflora: The Sun Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll/SolarPower
Entry: Wherever it goes you're bound to find one thing, sunlight. SUNFLORA follows sunlight so it can gain energy.
Location: Safari Zone (Daytime Only)

Chloroflor: The Sun Pokemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll/SolarPower
Entry: It sits in gardens disquising itself as a flower so farmers will pass by and unknowingly feed it. It plants its roots to gain nutrients and soaks up sunlight with its leaves.
Location: Evolve Sunflora

Tucagua: The Baby Tucan Pokemon
Type: Flying/Water
Ability: KeenEye/ToughLook
Entry: It will inhale to make itself look bigger around large pokemon. It's among the tiniest pokemon with Azurill and Seedot
Location: Safari Zone(Forest section Only), Teardrop Lake (Surf)

Tucanopy: The Tucan Pokemon
Type: Flying/Water
Ability: KeenEye/RainbowChain
Entry: It loves warm and humid places. It sits in trees most of the day and watchers passersby. If disturbed it lets out a loud, awful noise.
Location: Safari Zone(Forest Area Only)

Chiplet: The Tiny Rodent Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: PickUp/RunAway
Entry: It is small but fast. It's leg muscles are very powerful and it's claws help it to climb verticle surfaces with ease. It stores nuts in high places such as trees so nothing can get to them.
Location: Pokemon Mansion

Corrupunk: The Mischief Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Troublemaker
Entry: It's one of the most troublesome pokemon on record. It creates ellaborate pranks and things just for a laugh. But when it's caught, it's not done yet. It runs and it is incredibly fast.
Location: Mt. Draconian 3F, Evolve Chiplet

Bansea: The Drifting Pokemon
Type: Water/Ghost
Ability: StormDrain
Entry: It is said that this pokemon is left from the spirits of those lost to the sea. It sings a melodious song that soothes even the most violent souls.
Location: Teardrop Lake (Night), Water Maze (Night)

Bancean: The Spirit Pokemon
Type: Water/Ghost
Ability: StormDrain
Entry: It lures sailors in with its song then keeps them. Its said that if fall for its song, you will never return home.
Location: Route 61, Route 62, Stadium Stretch, Evolve Bansea

Duskull: The Requiem Pokemon
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Entry: It floats around cemetaries at night. Many believe it to be guarding the spirits. But come sunrise this pokemon disappears.
Location: Shuppet Island, Plator Ruins (Inside), PokePark Shuinn (Haunted House Basement)

Duscythe: The Undertaker Pokemon
Type: Ghost
Ability: Reaper
Entry: It is believed to be able to travel to the world of the beyond. It takes the souls of those who are stuck in the limbo between life and death to the Spirit World.
Location: Evolve Dusclops (Lvl-Up holding Reaper Cloth)

Poochyena: The Bite Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: RunAway/QuickFeet
Entry: It is a very persistant pokemon. It snarls at anything in its territory until it leaves.
Location: Route 57, Route 58

Mightyena: The Bite Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Intimidate/QuickFeet
Entry: It hunts in packs and chases down its prey. It never gives up a chase. It will either pursue until it captures its prey or pursue until a better meal comes along.
Location: Safari Zone, Evolve Poochyena

Hardyena: The Rough Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Intimidate/QuickFeet
Entry: It is incredibly brutal. It rips its prey up and keeps mangling it until it completely stops showing signs of vitallity.
Location: Evolve Mightyena

Aquala: The Baby Marsupial Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Water-Absorb
Entry: It clings to trees and eats leaves. It does this to store up energy and stay healthy.
Location: Safari Zone

Koalaqua: The Koala
Type: Water
Ability: Water-Absorb
Entry: Its claws have evolved. It no longer uses them just to cling to trees. They are incredibly sharp and now can be used for battle. It uses them to defend itself from predators.
Location: Safari Zone, Evolve Aquala

Irrinsect: The Mutant Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: Hopper/HyperCutter
Entry: People are disgusted by this pokemon mostly due to its strange appearence. It is also quite a nuisance. It hops around and is nearly impossible to hit when doing so.
Location: Safari Zone

Icicub: The Frost Cub Pokemon
Type: Ice
Ability: SnowCload/QuickFeet
Entry: This Pokemon is adored by young girls. It lives in cold places near water where it can develope its hunting skills.
Location: Cold Path, Blizzard Cave 1F

Urcicle: The Polar Bear Pokemon
Type: Ice
Ability: SnowCloak/QuickFeet
Entry: It hunts for fish by diving deep into frigid waters and grabbing what it can with its teeth. It lives in caves alone and awaits its hybernation period.
Location. Blizzard Cave 2F-4F, Evolve Icicub

Armofrost: The Frozen Bear Pokemon
Type: Ice/Steel
Ability: SnowWarning/Filter
Entry: Its body is covered in icicle plating that's harder than steel. It competes with others by ramming into one another, to see whose armor is tougher.
Location: Only One in the Frozen Canyon, Evolve Urcicle

Ponyta: The Fire Horse Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: RunAway/FlashFire
Entry: Its mane is incredibly hot. Riders are cautioned not to attempt to grasp it at any time.
Location: Safari Zone

Rapidash: The Fire Horse Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: RunAway/FlashFire
Entry: It can gallop at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. It is said that its hooves hardly touch the ground.
Location: Evolve Ponyta

Pyrosus: The Pegasus Pokemon
Type: Fire/Flying
Ability: FlameBody/Flashfire
Entry: It can be seen flying over vast fields and into forests. Many have tried to capture it but few ever have.
Location: Evolve Rapidash

Minisol: The Balance Pokemon
Type: Dark/Psychic
Ability: SuperLuck/QuickFeet
Entry: It stands on rocky cliffs alone, staring at the moon. It is said that this pokemon regulates the balance in the world and being around it can cause a person to show their true self.
Location: Full-Moon Forest

Absol: The Disaster Pokemon
Type: Dark
Ability: Pressure/SuperLuck
Entry: This pokemon's presence is said to be followed by horrific events. It is feared by many and believed to be the cause behind these disaster.
Location: Mt. Dracorian (Outside Night Only), Evolve Minisol (Lvl up at West side of Mt. Dracorian)

Losba: The Peace Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: SuperLuck/Pressure
Entry: It is belived that this pokemon brings good fortune to those around it. It is seeked out by many but very few have seen it let alone captured it.
Location: Mt. Dracorian (Outside Daytime), Evolve Minisol (Lvl. up on the East side of Mt. Dracorian)

Ordin: The Order Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Pressure
Entry: This pokemon maintains peace and order within the world. When it is around it can calm the most violent fights. Its said that one has been seen in a bed of dead flowers and when it left, every flower came back to life.
Location: Evolve Losba

Castform: The Weather Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Forecast
Entry: It's body is made up of a water-like substance that it uses in its transformations. Some pokemon gather around it to watch it utilize its transforming abilities.
Location: Only One-Gift from News Reporter Gabby, Evolve Climyte (friendship during the daytime)

Cyclocane: The Tornado Pokemon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Suction
Entry: It spins in a large vortex with winds so powerful that it can move a truck with them. On average 100 Drifloon a year are found in fields having been carried off by this pokemon. Once there was ever a Miltank.
Location: Evolve Castform (Lvl. up at Windy Valley at night)

Raindew: The Rain Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: WaterAbsorb/Hydropower
Entry: This Pokemon is said to fall from the clouds during rainstorms. Its body is made almost entirely from water.
Location: Teardrop Lake (water edge), Evolve Climyte (friendship at night)

Venqua: The Hurricane Pokemon
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: CloudNine/GaleForce
Entry: This Pokemon has been feared for centuries. It is believed that in ancient times this pokemon would cause severe storms and floods
Loction: Evolve Raindew (Lvl. Up at Windy Valley during the day)

Nutrinurse: The Nursing Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: NaturalCure/Scrappy
Entry: It has been seen plenty most recently by the side of Nurse Joy and Chansey in Pokemon centers. But because of its superior healing abilities, it is only used for critical emergencies.
Location: Cold Path, PokeWorld Pokemon Center Backyard

Machop: The Superpower Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Guts/No Guard
Entry: This pokemon is said to be so strong that it can hold up Golem on one hand. It is favored by martial arts trainers.
Location: Mt. Dracorian 1F-2F

Machoke: The Superpower Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Guts/No Guard
Entry: Its power is so dangerous that it wears a power supressing belt. It will happily carry massive items to bulk up.
Location: Mt. Dracorian 3F-4F

Machamp: The Superpower Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Guts/No Guard
Entry: It's powerful but awful at delicate work. Still, this pokemon unches with all four arms with crippling speed. It is able to throw up to 500 punches in one second.
Location: Evolve Machoke

Batricity-A2: The Double-A Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static/VoltAbsorb
Entry: The once lethal chemical its body once held has now become an acidic liquid. If it is startled or enraged, this acid will react, making this pokemon's body hot.
Location: Magnet Train Station Basement, Rocket Hideout (Blanch City)

Batricity-A3: The Triple-A Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static/VoltAbsorb
Entry: It's body can store up to 90,000 volts. If around electronic material, it tends to cause them interference.
Location: Route 60, Pokemon Mansion

Hollauto: The Abandoned Pokemon
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: ClearBody/Cloudnine
Entry: It is said that a toy that was thrown away, was animated when a mysterious spirit took control of it. It wanders looking for its long gone owner.
Location: Route 59, Shuppet Island

Grablade: The Grass Pokemon
Type: Grass/Steel
Ability: RockSolid/Sniper
Entry: It plants its roots and spins the blades on its arms to creat powerful gusts to blow away bugs that come near. Then it digs itself out of the ground and wanders around, looking for a place where it can sit away from Oddish and Gloom.
Location: Safari Zone

Tentacruel: The Jellyfish Pokemon
Type: Water/Poison
Ability: ClearBody/LiquidOoze
Entry: It constricts its prey with its 80 tentacles and doesn't let them go. Then, once they're weakened by poison, it feeds.
Location: Mt. Dracorian (SuperRod), Water Maze, Stadium Stretch

Tentakraken: The Kraken Pokemon
Type: Water/Poison
Ability: Destruction/LiquidOoze
Entry: From the depths it attacks anything that dares enter its territory. It is said that ages ago, a giant one was seen. It was believed to be bigger than even Wailord
Location: Evolve Tentacruel

Faelora: The Woodland Pokemon
Type: Grass/Bug
Ability: Speciality
Entry: It sings its beautiful song of the forest all night long. During the day it flies around simply having fun. It eats only berries and plants.
Location: Full-Moon Forest, Tera Forest

Faerest: The Forest Faerie Pokemon
Type: Grass/Ice
Ability: Speciality
Entry: It guides Faelora a great distance so that they can sing their song in harmony to the moon dance of Clefairy.
Location: Full-Moon Forest

Choppy: The Copter Pokemon
Type: Flying/Steel
Ability: Turbulence
Entry: The propellers on its head spin so fast that they allow it to fly high up in the clouds. It enjoys the feeling of the wind against its face.
Location: Windy Valley

Aerowing: The Jet Pokemon
Type: Flying/Steel
Ability: Turbulence
Entry: It quickly transforms in the sky from its sky form to its land form to pull of a sudden landing. To lift off it does just the same but backwards.
Location: Evolve Choppy

Aerocket: The Shuttle Pokemon
Type: Flying/Steel
Ability: Turbulence
Entry: Its solid body can withstand the crushing pressures of seafloor. Many think that it is capable of flying into space on its own.
Location: Evolve Aerowing

Toxicub: The Young Wolf Pokemon
Type: Poison
Ability: PoisonPoint
Entry: It wanders aimlessly around the forest. It seems to be looking for something.
Location: Full-Moon Forest (Night)

Toxifang: The Lone Wolf Pokemon
Type: Poison
Ability: PoisonPoint
Entry: Its jaw muscles are very developed. If it bites down on something and doesn't want to let go, nothing can get it off.
Location: Full-Moon Forest, Safari Zone (Night), Evolve Toxicub

Riolu: The Emanation Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Steadfast/InnerFocus
Entry: If it is afraid or frightened, it letsothers know by intensifying its aura.
Location: Safari Zone

Lucario: The Aura Pokemon
Type: Fight/Steel
Ability: Steadfast/InnerFocus
Entry: It can sense the aura in all living things and understand human speech. This has made it a popular chioce among trainers.
Location: Evolve Riolu

Auriorage: The Chosen Pokemon
Type: Fight/Steel
Ability: FightingSpirit/InnerFocus
Entry: It stands alone on mountains, focusing, trying to train its aura guiding powers. If disturbed it does nothing, not even flinch.
Location: Evolve Lucario

Maternimatch: The Female Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Deciever
Entry: It is looked down upon by most male enthusiast trainers but it can hold its own against some of the best fighters such as Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.
Location: Only One - Given to by Brawler Sonya After defeating the third time.

Chamatern: The Independant Pokemon
Type: Fight
Ability: Deciever
Entry: It is among one of the most competative documented pokemon. It perfers to battle the likes of Machamp and Hitmonchan.
Location: Evolve Maternimatch

Sharpedo: The Brutal Pokemon
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Rough Skin
Entry: It shoots water through its body, swimming at speeds of up to 75 miles ber hour. It has been given the nickname "Bully of the Sea".
Location: Stadium Stretch, Evolve Carvanha

Jawreckor: The Sinker Pokemon
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Frenzy
Entry: It is a massive pokemon that can destroy a boat easily. Most who are unfortunate enough to meet this pokemon out at sea are not lucky enough to get away alive.
Location: Evolve Sharped

Skarmory: The Armor Bird Pokemon
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: KeenEye/Sturdy
Entry: It flies at speeds up to 180 miles per hours. This is because its wings, while heavy in a appearence, are actually hollow and light.
Location: Route 59

Skiron: The Arial Assault Pokemon
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: KeenEye/Sniper
Entry: It dives down from above to snatch up its prey with its sharp talons. No matter how high up, it can see its prey below.
Location: Evolve Skarmory

Flareor: The Small Meteor Pokemon
Type: Rock/Fire
Ability: FlameBody/OverBurner
Entry: It apparently fell from space. The tiny flame on its head is actually incredibly hot. Touching it would be most unwise.
Location: Stone Tunnel

Armetreo: The Armageddon Pokemon
Type: Rock/Fire
Ability: Flamebody/OverBurner
Entry: This pokemon's rock hard body is surrounded by flames hotter that 2,000 degrees F. It float above the ground due to some form of magnetic field it seems capable of generating.
Location: Evolve Flareor

Illustone: The Stone Faced Pokemon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Adaptability
Entry: It mysteriously float around evolutionary stones as if it sees something in them that no one else can. It seems capable of understanding human speech as well.
Location: Stone Tunnel

Illutotem: The EasterIsland Pokemon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Adaptability
Entry: Despite being incredibly heavy, this pokemon can actually levitate. It float around using its highly developed psionic powers.
Location: Evolve Illustone

Totemyth: The TotemPoll Pokemon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Ability: Multiface
Entry: It can sense its trainers emotions. Often times it will change its main face to match how its trainer feels.
Location: Evolve Illutotem

Bluradical: The Speed Demon Pokemon
Type: Electric/Fight
Ability: SpeedBoost/Lightspeed
Entry: This pokemon is the documented fastest alive. It can run far faster than the speed of sound and nearly the speed of light itself. Many believe this to be the combination of quick movements and the wheels on its feet.
Location: Route 59

Torkoal: The Coal Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: White Smoke
Entry: It burns gains energy by burning coal in its shell. The end result is the smoke it spouts from its back.
Location: Stone Tunnel, Rock Path

Torkindle: The Ignite Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Dormant
Entry: Inside of its shell, it melts rocks, these rocks become magma in seconds. If endangered, it spouts the red hot magma to distract or injure its enemy.
Location: Evolve Torkoal

Huoant: The Flame Fighter Pokemon
Type: Fight/Fire
Ability: SiblingRivalry
Entry: It seems to believe that fire is the only way to battle. It can be seen bickering with Xuant apparently over which fighting style is more effective.
Location: Route 59

Xuant: The Ice Fighter Pokemon
Type: Fight/Ice
Ability: SiblingRivalry
Entry: It is the ice advocate in fighting spirit. It long feuds with Huoant over the proper way to fight.
Location: Cold Path

Phanpy: The Long Nose Pokemon
Type: Ground
Ability: Pickup
Entry: It flaps its large ears to cool off in hot temperatures. It curls up into a ball to attack or defend against foes.
Location: Rock Path, Safari Zone

Donphan: The Armor Pokemon
Type: Ground
Ability: Sturdy
Entry: It curls up into a wheel-like shape then rolls at high speeds to attack. It pins down foes then rams them with its tusks repeatedly.
Location: Safari Zone, Evolve Phanpy

Magikarp: The Fish Pokemon
Type: Water
Ability: Swift Swim/Oblivious
Entry: This pokemon is virtually useless. It takes a truly gifted trainer to make this pokemon worth any battle effort at all.
Location: Anywhere with water (Fish)

Gyarados: The Atrocious Pokemon
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Intimidate/Destruction
Entry: This pokemon is said to cause storms out at sea. It rampages through towns, setting all in its path ablaze.
Location: Mt. Dracorian, Stadium Stretch, Teardrop Lake, DeepSea Sanctuary (All Super-Rod)

Larvant: The Small Ant Pokemon
Type: Bug
Ability: HugePower
Entry: It works in the colony, finding food. If endangered it can communicate with others by using its antennae and call for help.
Location: Tera Forest

Heirant: The Heiress Pokemon
Type: Bug/Psychic
Ability: Synchronize
Entry: It has grown small wings but cannot use them to fly just yet. Instead, it uses its psychic abilities to give it liftoff. It long awaits the day it gets to be the next colony ruler.
Location: Evolve Larvant

Mudolph: The Performing Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: SuperLuck/SwiftSwim
Entry: It playfully follows swimmers ashore and performs tricks for them as a show. They cannot breathe underwater so they must get their blow holes to the surface occasionally to get air.
Location: Teardrop Lake (Surf), Stadium City (SuperRod)

Landolph: The Mammal Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: SuperLuck/SwiftSwim
Entry: It feeds on small fish. Some take them in and train them to put on shows for audiences.
Location: League Beach (Surf), Evolve Mudolph

Dolphissure: The Tsunami Pokemon
Type: Water/Ground
Ability: SuperLuck/Hydration
Entry: This pokemon is playful but dangerous. It still doesn't know its true power despite its size. Trainers are cautioned to be careful raising this pokemon.
Location: Evolve Landolph

Chilly: The Snowman Pokemon
Type: Ice
Ability: Decompose
Entry: It is said that this pokemon came from two kids' love a snowman they'd built. It apparently came to life. Others believed it to simply become possesed.
Location: Cold Path, Blizzard Cave

Togepi: The Spike Ball Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Hustle/Serene Grace
Entry: This pokemon is said to have a shell filled with hapiness. IT shares this happiness with other people if it feels the warmth.
Location: Only One-Pokemon Mansion, Gift from Mr. Pokeman

Togetic: The Hapiness Pokemon
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Hustle Serene Grace
Entry: It flies all over the world to find kind hearted people to share its hapiness.
Location: Evolve Togepi

Ditto: The Transform Pokemon
Type: Normal
Ability: Limber
Entry: Its molecules are loose. It can rearrange them to fit the molecular structure of anything else.
Location: Pokemon Mansion

Draconisaur: The Ancient Pokemon
Type: Rock/Dragon
Ability: SandVeil/Reckless
Entry: This Pokemon was thought to be mythological until recently. Its stone wings and scales have earned it the nickname of "The Stone Dragon".
Location: Revive from Fossil

Gecoal: The Gekko Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Guts/FlameBody
Entry: It clings to trees or cave wall using the tiny hooks on its feet. If it sees a predator approaching, it will set the wall on fire to ward them off.
Location: Mt. Dracorian

Repticoal: The Warm Blooded Pokemon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Guts/FlameBody
Entry: Its size no longer allows it to cling to trees. Instead, it surrounds itself with boulders in cavesand sleeps for most of the day. If attacked, it gets up breathes 2,000 degree flames into the air as a warning.
Location: Evolve Gecoal.

Dragonair: The Dragon Pokemon
Type: Dragon
Ability: Shed Skin
Entry: It lives in seas and lakes. This pokemon is said to have the power to change the weather.
Location: Mt. Dracorian (BF only. Surf and SuperRod required), Evolve Dratini

Dragonite: The Dragon Pokemon
Type: Dragon/Flying
Ability: Inner Focus
Entry: Despite the small size of its wings, it can actually fly for long periods of time and great distances. It acts as a messanger at times.
Location: Evolve Dragonair

Hatricity: Hatchling Pokemon
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Entry: This newborn pokemon stays in its shell for some time after it is born. This seems to be because the shell helps it to regulate its electrical powers.
Location: Power Plant, Rocket Hideout (Game Event Based)

Volocity: Velociraptor Pokemon
Type: Electric/Dragon
Ability: Static
Entry: This pokemon has outgrown its shell and many of its old handcaps. Its speed, for example, has gone from abysmal to explosive.
Location: Evolve Hatricity

Electrex: Tyranosaur Pokemon
Type: Electic/Dragon
Ability: LightningStorm
Entry: This pokemon can conjure up lightning storms in a matter of seconds. It uses its tail as a lightning rod to give it even more power to add onto the already massive amout that it contains.
Location: Evolve Volocity

Foraydia: The Ice Dragon Pokemon
Type: Dragon/Ice
Ability: SnowWarning
Entry: It's long feuded with Arcanico, the fire dragon. The conflict goes back to an ancient time. It was not until a mysterious pokemon emerged and put both mighty dragons to rest before they layed waste the the planet.

Arcanico: The Blaze Dragon Pokemon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Ability: AshRain
Entry: Its long battle with Foraydia ended when a mysterious pokemon put the two in hybernation. But many believe that the two beasts may soon reawaken.

Majik: The Wizard Pokemon
Type: Psychic/Dark
Ability: MagicGuard
Entry: This pokemon was said to put the ancient dragons to sleep in ancient times. It has not been seen outside of ancient tablets and books.
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